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  1. They might make that with 40-50 hours a week seeing patients. That doesn't include the amount of time spent doing paperwork, reviewing labs/imaging, following up on things etc. I'm currently on a 4wk rotation with a family doc who is very transparent about finances. He has over 2000 patients on his roster and makes the money within the range of income you stated there, but I can promise you his total involvement is 80-100hrs per week and requires him to spend his weekends to catch up on all the reports he gets sent from consultants and lab work. It's not all chilling and raking in $$. The
  2. It really doesn't matter. What being an exec in an interest group may do is to help you network and meet staff and residents in those programs (although given COVID with everything over zoom I don't know if it'll be as valuable of a networking experience). That's likely where all the benefit comes from. Programs know people change their minds. Keep in mind there are other ways to network. Also you can tailor your CV to the specialty you are applying for.
  3. You will do off service rotations in your family medicine residency. Its not 2 yrs of running walk-in clinics from 9-5. You will be doing surgery, internal medicine, obs/gyne and will do the call that is associated with those specialties.
  4. Was about to say this. Anyone who thinks they'll make MD equivalent money in tech/finance/corporate without grinding is kidding themselves. These people work their assess of at the beginning of their careers just like residents/med students do.
  5. I feel like they're too busy going through hundreds of applications in detail to worry about something like this.
  6. Difficult to say because most schools don't publish their methods. McMaster has a pre-interview score that consists of MCAT CARS, GPA , and Casper score. That would be the most similar to what you're saying.
  7. That was never what they were saying at Queen's. It was supposed to be June 1st before this most recent update.
  8. Pretty sure most people that get in think they performed subpar at their interview. Hard to tell exactly how well you did
  9. They said they look at research as part of "other things" outside your clinical performance. Other can include research, leadership things, etc. If you join the CAEP medical student facebook group the student rep has recorded the zoom call and you can listen to it yourself.
  10. The CAEP student rep held a zoom call with a bunch of EM program directors across Canada last night and many of them were adamant that research in EM is not necessary to be accepted into an FRCP EM program. I'm not sure if you have done any other research in the past but they said any sort of scholarly work (doesn't have to be EM) will be taken into account as residents are expected to do a research. The main thing they said was to be keen, teachable, and independent (ie. check in on your patients, follow-up on lab results, take initiative) in your EM rotation (and all other rotations since EM
  11. Yea definitely talk about it. It's unique. Have you learned anything about yourself in this process? Even better. I'd love to get into home brewing myself but don't have the space.
  12. A publication will help with your OMSAS application, but it is not mandatory. Unless anything has changed since I've gone through, only completed research deliverables (conference abstracts, publications) are counted on OMSAS, work in progress is not. The value of the experience should be what it does for you (i.e. allow you to travel, see the world, complete research with esteemed faculty, network) not what you think will be attractive to med schools. This sounds like a really cool opportunity and you should make the most of it. Exploring medicine through shadowing is a great way for you
  13. Given your current situation with family and such, do you think EM still provides a good lifestyle in terms of family time vs things like surgery, ICU, etc? Also, if you don't mind me asking, how is community vs academic ED practice different?
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