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  1. My response was specific to NTP category. In this mostly professionals apply who are in job force. They have advanced degrees like lawyers, nurses and engineers. In my opinion (I could be wrong) its easier to compete with undergrads and grads at interview and it gives you the same level of competition than to compete with professionals at the interview who will have years of experience dealing with people. (Assuming that undergrads and grads are coming fresh out of school)
  2. I agree with SunandMoon Do not apply in NTP. Its the most competitive, unless you have stellar resume and cGPA and your competitors are all professionals. The best option is to retake courses. That will take time but then it depends on your long term goals.
  3. Where do we send the official transcripts? I couldn't find the address on their website.
  4. I am in the WL too, and my brain is stormed with same questions as yours! Haha...
  5. The IMG (advance standing) classes already started (around 24 april), why would their dates be up then?
  6. Has anyone got acceptance in NTP category? There is no date mentioned in the section "date of latest offer" on https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/node/3298
  7. Further review required and then changed straight to waitlist
  8. My category is NTP, Results are updated on Minerva "Name confirmed on waitlist"
  9. Does anyone know how many acceptance offers are sent out? I am in waitlist.
  10. Hey, I would be interested in practicing over skype preferable in the evenings. Thanks!
  11. Result: Invited cGPA: 3.96 ECs: Lots of awards, few publications, lots of volunteering, and 'life-experiences' Level of education: PhD Thoughts on your CVPN: I think I had a good story for each question. I was satisfied with my answers and I got it proofread by some friends. Does anyone know if the interview style for NTP is going to be the same as it was for the University category? Does anyone here has experience with the interview process in NTP from the past? Any advice?
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