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  1. If each section does actually require us to mention 3 things learned and how they will help us in med, then can we do a bullet point approach instead of an essay? Like this: - what I learned item 1: here's why itll help in med - what I learned item 2: here's why itll help in med etc...
  2. Hi, just looking for some help on how to write the abbreviated sketch. I'm kind of confused. For some sections, the instructions say to outline concretely what you have learned (3 items), while some other sections don't mention specifically 3. Also, are we supposed to say how each of the 3 items will behelpful to a career in medicine? How are you guys going about writing this thing?
  3. to those of you who came off the waitlist last week: have you declined or accepted prior to this morning? or are you holding off till close to june 4th?
  4. It's been awfully quiet here as of late. Do you think they are waiting for a batch of vacancies to accumulate or do you think they're currently maxed out on pending offers to waitlisters?
  5. do you think theres much hope for there being a fair amount of movement on monday? the first batch came in on the 24th in the morning. between that time and when the office closed today on the 25th, could there have been a decent number of people who waited until the last second to respond to their initial offer? also once uofc WL starts to move, do you think a decent amount of people who accepted UofA will change their mind?
  6. how much of the total movement do you guys think just happened? was that the bulk of the movement?
  7. what was the timestamp for when your documents changed?
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