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  1. When sending the mail I asked for a tracking number, and on the Canada post website you can track where your mail is/was. I think we don't have an online confirmation of that until we get our JoinID to make our ACORN account though (which they said apparently will be sent to us by early June), because it's on ACORN that we will see all our financial/tuition fee info.
  2. In the same boat. Still waiting for UBC waitlist movement while I'm accepting UofT PT for now!
  3. People torn between UBC and UofT, which school are you leaning more towards and why? I got waitlisted for UBC and got into UofT PT but I’m not sure whether I should keep waiting for the UBC waitlist or to just firmly accept UofT. Is there a way to accept my UofT offer and then to withdraw it later if I manage to get off the UBC waitlist?
  4. I don’t know, i just checked 20 minutes ago and there was an offer!
  5. I think I got into UofT PT! I did not receive an email yet but it says on ORPAS that I have an offer!
  6. I’m not from Ontario, so I was wondering if you received it on your “acorn” (i’m assuming it’s like the online student services centre), did you receive an offer on ORPAS as well?
  7. Congrats!!!!!!! :)) What time did you receive your acceptance? glad to be seeing some movement in the waitlist!!
  8. Yeah it really is stressful I'm rooting for the best for you too, even if I don't know you, because I wouldn't want anyone to feel the way i'm feeling right now I hope we get off the waitlist in May/June. This was my dream, and at least we know we still have a chance. Trying to be hopeful now!
  9. When did you hear back? I’m worried because i’m also waiting for my applications in ontario and they let you know on May 17, and if I get in to let’s say toronto i only have a couple weeks to accept my offer at toronto. If I accept an ontario offer but still waiting for UBC, can i cancel my ontario offer if I manage to get off the ubc waitlist? Edit: Nvm, for some reason i read that as you got waitlisted last year but are in now. Delusional thinking as you can see at the moment.
  10. Congratulations to those who got an offer and are accepting their offers! Any lurkers who got an offer but are not going to accept their offers and are going somewhere else please give up your spot! lol I unfortunately got waitlisted and have started a UBC PT waitlist thread, so waitlisted peeps and lurkers, feel free to worry over there.
  11. i’m starting to get really nervous!!!!! We will know in a matter of less than 10 days.......
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