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  1. Hey, looking for some hope as a Canadian student hoping to specialize. From the 2019 "Combined Phase I & II Statistics for Applicants" (https://natmatch.com/dentres/statistics.html) the proportion of Canadian grads that actually match seem incredibly low - almost unrealistically and discouragingly low. For instance, for the 230 OMS spots available, 2 Canadian grads matched or for the 294 Ped spots, 4 Canadian grads matched. Is there some hidden factor or hidden statistics that I"m unaware of? Seems nearly impossible!
  2. i thought everyone had a conditional acceptance based on the maintenance of their gpa. interesting.
  3. Who thinks invites are gonna come out Monday? Nervously waiting!
  4. Do OMFS programs look at undergrad grades? I would think the MD/6-year programs do, but would they hold you to the same high standard as med applicants in terms of your undergrad GPA?
  5. Out of curiosity , does anybody else find the person replying from admissions office extremely rude ?

  6. just curious, if the international deadline is Feb 1... shouldn't invites come out AFTER that for everyone?
  7. Thought I'd start this thread. When do UBC invites come out?
  8. Pretty sure it's just AA and PAT. They don't release any of that information anyways regarding what components of the DAT are used (ex: "closely at sciences")
  9. While the BIO and PAT scores were very low, CHEM and RC were higher. This might offset one another.
  10. When applying for 6-year programs, as they have the MD component, do they consider your UG grades?
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