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  1. This is correct. Even at the interview stage, there are no questions that directly ask about your ECs. You can certainly bring up how ECs influenced your world view and that will help you in the interviews
  2. Your DAT scores are definitely holding you back. I got an interview to UofT Dentistry as an OOP applicant. My stats at the time of application were GPA: 3.85 DAT: 23AA (25RC/25Bio/20Chem) and 20PAT Although I was on the lower tier of applicants for sure.
  3. From what I read, it seems the application process is this: Phase 1 --> GPA, DAT, CASPer (if your composite scores are past a threshold, you are invited to Phase 2. Don't listen to people who say DAT/GPA are equal weight, UBC adcoms keep the ratios strictly confidential) Phase 2 --> PBL, MMI (again, we don't know how they weigh each, and they don't publish the scores) Phase 3 --> dental school! Extracurriculars are not required at all, although I hear rumours that they may require dental shadowing in the future (Western Ontario already has an optional section on their applic
  4. yes I will be very surprised if you don't get an interview. I got accepted and my stats were 3.85/4.0 (~87%) and 23AA 20PAT. Good luck
  5. Went for interviews with UBC and UofT, and I was really amazed at the difference in facility between the two. Overall UBC just seems to be a better school in general, and the UofT labs were something you see in the 50's. Again I heard bad things about PBL, but statistics show UBC grads perform just as well on boards. Now whether that be due to them studying more because PBL is holding them down, or PBL is good itself, remains in the air. I personally feel if you are smart enough to get into dental school, you shouldn't have a problem with boards as long as you keep up with the courses.
  6. No disrespect, but I don't like the fact that Canadian dentists (who know they will practice in Canada) taking the easy way out by going abroad, whether that be takig advantage of their citizenships, the lower requirement for these schools, their money available to fund these... If you are going to practice in Canada, go to a Canadian dental school like the rest of us edit: glad I'm starting some discussion! After being a dental student for 2 years now I definitely have more respect for my overseas colleagues, but I wish our major city areas are not so saturated that new grads
  7. Invite! OOP currently 4th year undergrad GPA: 3.86 (88%?) DAT: 23AA (26RC) 20PAT EC's: pianist/composer, some volunteering, some lab work, some research, little dental shadowing experience, tutoring personally I've always been a gifted writer so I felt my personal statements were great (not to brag). ...however, I will be rejecting my interview offer! I have just been accepted to UBC DMD so good luck to whoever gets my spot! Best wishes
  8. Accepted! See you all very soon! Congratulations to all, I'm so happy
  9. Invite OOP GPA: 3.85 DAT: 23AA 20PAT Think I was just borderline line accepted though, however I got an interview at UBC (my home province) so if I get accepted there I will be rejecting any offers.
  10. yes you need to attend both the Open House and the Interview (MMI and PBL format) or else your application will be invalidated. Check your email. Which sucks because plane tix are expensive af
  11. Hey thanks! I'm IP but doing my undergrad at McGill. Unfortunate because I have to fly back but oh well... Also good luck to your other apps, or for next cycle!
  12. Email released today (Jan. 16, 2017) for an invitation to the Open House on Feb. 17 and Interviews on Feb. 18 for the UBC DMD Class of 2021! Please feel free to share stats for future applicants and to form practice groups! (: Here's mine: Invite Residence: IP (McGill) GPA: 3.85 (~87%) DAT: 23AA 20PAT Congratulations on those who got interview invites, hope to see you soon! For those who got regrets, never give up! (:
  13. Hi I was previously able to download a personal copy of my DAT transcript (Feb 2016 session) but now when I revisit the link I get: Persits.PdfManager.1 error '800a002e' Opening Output file failed: Access is denied. /en/becoming/dat/student_download/download_transcript.asp, line 160 WTF???
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