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  1. I wouldn't say eat their young. They don't care enough to take on a new grad with very minimal dental skills. They need someone ready to produce a lot of money for them and a new grad won't be able to do that. The market in the GTA is money-driven, and a new grad won't be able to keep up. Your only option is to go rural where owners are "slightly" less greedy and money-driven (and I say slightly with a grain of salt).
  2. You are right, however I wasn’t talking about contracts. Most contracts have a 3 month notice, so if you didn’t like the place you can leave in 3 months. Going rural has financial, physical, and emotional toll on the individual. You can’t keep hopping from town to town every 3-6 months. You might just suck it up because it’s too tiring to move to another town.
  3. Graduated in 2020 and I can assure you that everything he/she has said is true. The GTA is very tough for the newly graduated associate. The skillset you graduate with compared to the average associate in the GTA is like comparing intern in a company to a high level executive. Dentistry is the only profession where there are no entry level jobs. In Law for example, a new graduate can apply for a job as a junior associate earning below average but will gain experience and mentorship. In Medicine, medical graduate do minimum 2-3 years (even more) of residency before fully entering the
  4. Yeah, I don't wanna burst anyone's bubble but thinking that you will make over 200k with your skillset as a new graduate is nearly impossible. The outside dental world compared to the school setting is very different. You would be lucky making over 120k a year.
  5. Congrats to everyone who got accepted! Here's the fb group for class of 2021: https://www.facebook.com/groups/261640790906124/
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