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  1. Yes orientations are separate and my time slot was 12 pm in the afternoon.
  2. I want to say it's highly likely but I can't guarantee anything. Based on last year neither of those slots filled up by the time I was offered an interview in Feb 28th, but things may be different this year. Best way to confirm is to email them and ask. Good luck!
  3. To all OOP applicants from Toronto: I am currently a 1st-year medical student here at USask and I'm from Toronto as well. I will be back for reading week break (Feb 18th - Feb 24th) and I am thinking of hosting a mock MMI circuit most likely at North York Central Library. It'll be an opportunity for you to become more familiar with Sask-styled questions and also you can ask questions about my experiences with the program and living in Saskatchewan so far. Please PM me if you are interested so I can get an idea of how much interest there is and then we'll determine the best time to d
  4. Hey no problem! I don't know the exact numbers but if you make the MMI cut off, which was scoring above about the 4th decile, you have a very good chance of getting accepted. Waitlist seemed to move very well last year.
  5. Hey all OOP applicants! Hope everyone's calmer than I was last year! As invites are just around the corner, I thought I'd throw together a little guide on what to expect and what to know in order to successfully interview here at U of S as an OOP. I'm currently in 1st year hailing from Toronto, and I remember scrambling around last year since I had little guidance. With the hopes that this doesn't happen to anyone else, I thought I'd write a little something something to help y'all avoid that. The Invite Last year, I received my e-mail on February 5th at 2:11 pm EST. I was wait-list
  6. Hey nocturnes, As a person from Ontario, I wouldnt be too worried about getting a perfect raw 4.0. This is because other than Mcmaster, all schools either drop your lowest grades (Uoft), take the best of 2 years (Queens and Western) or give greater weight to later years (Ottawa). I know plenty of people who have gotten ontario interviews without perfect 4.0s. If you are sitting on a 4.0 after 2 years, you have a great shot at getting both UofT and Ottawa interviews. PM me if you have more questions about Ontario schools but getting a single 3.9 is not even close to a bad thing!
  7. Yup they do, I asked the same question to adcoms pre-cycle and they confirmed that they do.
  8. Haha wow good to see I'm not the only one alone on this. Canada post tracking stated it arrived in SK today and I asked the CoM if they received it. They said it was still not received so that worried me a bit, but if they're generally slow about it then I feel more relieved. Only thing is that my deadine is to have it in by May 28th, so I'm hoping that they will have received it by then. Does anyone know how strict they are about this deadline? And @Koopatroopa I totally feel you, I can't wait for August to come!
  9. Hey guys, just an update: I've been accepted off the waitlist for Saskatoon campus. Time stamp was 12:35 pm EST. Geography: OOP This is a week after getting waitlisted on May 15th, and I will be accepting the offer. I am incredibly excited to meet you guys in August! This is definitely the proudest moment of my life so far. I've written the MCAT 4 times (with a void), I'm 2 years out of school, this is my 2nd cycle, and my only med interview ever was this year at USask. These last couple of years have been a real slog with constant doubt nagging at me about whether or not I cou
  10. Why the 25th? Is that when the deadline is to decline?
  11. Are you IP or OOP? I think about 20-30 are waitlisted for OOP, but not sure about IP.
  12. Haha I quadruple checked to see if I got trolled but the email seems pretty official so you guys should be hearing back soon. Good luck!!
  13. Thank you! I really appreciate it, I hope so. Have you heard back yet? Forum has been surprisingly quiet
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