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  1. Since this was posted in 2008, I guess in the last 12 years there’s been some progress. It’s still not a safe space. LSC got it’s first (and only) gender neutral bathroom only 2 years ago. The anatomy change rooms are still binary and offer little to no privacy. I agree that the LGBTQ2S+ mentorship group is largely white queer individuals and does little to start dialogue about what it means to be queer in medicine. The Sexual Medicine theme lead had to come in to give an explanation about ethics and discrimination to the class as to why a student in a CBL group was not correct to say the
  2. https://mdprogram.med.ubc.ca/files/2019/12/Interim-Statistics-2019-2020-MED-2024-PDF.pdf Best of luck to the 670!
  3. I had a lower GPA and also a 124 in CARS and was still interviewed/accepted. Trying to write the MCAT this summer with COVID-19 precautions may not be easy, so I hope you still try to apply with your current stats (remember, UBC just needs minimums (124 in each section) to give you an interview, after that it’s up to you to wow them). Hopefully this can be one less thing causing any anxieties so you can move forward in drafting those NAQ sections. There are great videos on YouTube about writing premed entries (even for AMCAS). UBC’s entries per section don’t really change, so maybe start
  4. What’s your MCAT? Your grades are fine for an IP applicant, as long as you write your NAQ entries well. Your friend (who is a medical student) sounds like a Negative Nancy and should be more supportive. You need to get rid of toxic people in your life before you’re ready to be a medical student (it’s on the UBC website under Requirements for Entry)
  5. https://www.grad.ubc.ca/faculty-staff/admin-resources-templates/gpa-calculators theres an Excel file/calculator where you can plug in your marks and course credit weighting to calculate your GPA. Just use the percentage conversion table to convert letter grades to UBC % (found on the UBC Med website). There’s a different percentage given if your school has an A+ grade vs A as the highest.
  6. Yes they are. If any of the semesters are lower than your undergrad years, this will be the year that gets removed, regardless if you have only 2 courses. (If you need a GPA boost, during grad studies years would be the time, since you’ve already paid the $$$$ for tuition — if you can manage it alongside research for your thesis). All courses taken are included in your GPA calculation for UBC, unless it is your lowest GPA year.
  7. Are any new students (who were not previous UBC students) having any issues with accessing the form to create a UBC Card from the website? When I try to login using my CWL, it says my access to this form is denied. (Yes, I have registered for courses). The email and phone number that is listed to the One Card website isn’t connected to any human contacts.
  8. Any course taken and completed by the June 1, 2019 deadline will be included — whether taken during the summer or during the regular academic year. This includes all online and in-class courses, either at the undergraduate or graduate level!
  9. I think they just started... 3 identical listserv emails in 5 minutes. Woo!
  10. It’s been pretty quiet since May 10th as well... no email or anything. I’ve started doing my vaccination updating with Health Services and registered for CPR. I guess we just wait until the class is full?
  11. Felt I should add my stats in here because I’m super stoked and would want someone like me who was applying to see this... 2013 was my first application to medical schools in Canada, 2019 was my 1st interview at UBC. Accepted, VFMP (1st Choice) TIME STAMP: 11:56am PSTEarly or Regular Deadline: RegularAGPA (if applicable): ~83MCAT: 124 in CARS, 513 overall. Geography: IP Educational background: BSc and MSc , plus some Continuing Ed. ECs: Not an Olympian. Didn’t have any publications from my Master’s degree until after the June deadline, but some poster presentations.
  12. Imagine this was the good old days and you had to wait for a letter in the mail telling you that you were accepted... would be checking your literal mailbox everyday.
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