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  1. I would love some input as well! And I would also appreciate if anyone could share any files they found helpful too! Thanks in advance
  2. Hello! Earlier today, on Minerva it said that I was waitlisted (it didn't show my rank). When I went back to check a few hours later, my status no longer shows, and it says decision date May 16th... Is anyone else having the same thing? Did it change for everyone, or is it just for the waitlisted?
  3. Thanks! And earlier it said i was waitlisted, but now it says "Devision release date: May 16"..... did anyone else get that too?
  4. How did you check your waitlist rank? and does it tell you which campus it's for?
  5. Hello! I was wondering if there's a way to know my rank on the waitlist, and to know if the waitlist is valid for which campus. Thank you!
  6. Félicitations à tout le monde qui a reçu le dépôt! Pour vérifier si on en a eu un, la section "sommaire du compte" suffit? Ou il faut aller vers une autre page?
  7. So I learned that for this year, they are making us choose a campus for the Med program! If I choose the "Montreal campus only" choice vs "I don't mind but I prefer the Montreal campus", will it decrease my chance / increase the competition in a way? I do speak some French, but I would really like to be in Montreal, but I also don't want to risk getting lower chance of acceptance...
  8. Hello! I just checked my Minerva and my application status says: Further Review Required. I also have new things added onto my checklist and i have a date written next to "Med Interview Session". Does this mean I got the interview? I didn't officially get any email or notification, and the target date for the med-p invites is supposed to be March 25th so I am unsure... Thank you!
  9. Hey Guys! First off, congratulations to all those who got in McGill Med-P! So happy for you guys. For those who didn't make it this time (like myself), better luck next time! I was wondering, is it possible for people to re-apply to med after finishing dent at another school? I got accepted into dent at another university and I will most likely be going there, but my dream has always been going to McGill... Is it non-realistic? Thanks!
  10. Did anyone who applied to Med-p get their mmi interview invite yet? Target date was yesterday, but no one I know got it yet.. It is getting stressful!!
  11. That's what I thought too, but instead of "Application ready for Review", it says "Reference Letter outstanding"
  12. Hello! Some of my friends (who are very smart), who are in cégep and have applied to medp like myself, have received a message on Minerva for med p saying they had to submit a reference letter. I was wondering, in which circumstances would they require a letter? And why to few people only? Thanks!
  13. Hello! I'm looking to apply to Med-p this year. I had downloaded the CVPN and VERL templates over the summer, but as I was working on it, I may have changed the document format. So, I just went back on the site to download the template again, but it's not there anymore.... it says that the template for 2017 CVPN will be uploaded on September 1 2017, as you can see here: https://www.mcgill.ca/medadmissions/applying/elements/cvpn Can anyone help me out please? I'm extremely lost, I don't know where to find the template document for CVPN anymore.. Thank you in advance!
  14. I read on the site that successful applicants usually have an R score over 33.5 and that the average is around 35.2. Do you only look at the global average? or do you also look at the core class r-scores separately as well? For example, if my global average is low-mid thirties (over 33.5), but then if my core (science) classes r-scores are around 35, would that bring some kind of an advantage or not really? Thank you!
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