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  1. 300-350k as an Oral surgeon with my Practice is just okay for me..be it top 1percent or 20percent
  2. thank you for this post! So you mean I can combine a Faculty Member position and Private practice and still be making over 500k? Very cooool
  3. What does the financial future holds for the Private practice Oral Surgeon?
  4. lemme guess?? 6 Days of Work, and 8 hours per day!!!To net 200k as an Associate???
  5. Very true!! Personally if I can get an associate Job after School that can Net me $200k.. Am very okay!! No need to bother myself owning a practice
  6. combining Clinical Practice(Dentist under employment) and Academia is it also very feasible??
  7. So Very True!! Thank You for your response! Am Considering a General and Cosmetic Dental Practice though! And am also thinking of the possibility of combining Clinical Practice with the Academia!!
  8. its 300k C$ feasible for a Specialist Dentist under Employment?
  9. Hi, My Name is Osahon and am a Dental Student From Africa am thinking of doing a 1-2 months Externship program at any Canadian Dental school!! Can anyone here recommend an International Student Friendly college for me? Thanks
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