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  1. I can add some perspectives/input into this seeing that I have family in the field:


    My brother and 3 of my cousins graduated from UofT (Class of 03, 06, 07) and made about ~110k as associates in the GTA. They worked ~35 hours a week but neither of them liked working for someone and/or being general dentists so they specialized or went into management. Two of them moved to the States and are practicing ortho and management. Two of them stayed here and are in ortho and oral surgery. The one in oral surgery is a Faculty member at UofT and owns a private practice, raking in well over a million (works 5 days). The one in ortho practices in the Niagara area and racks in about 800K (works 4 days). In the states, the one in ortho is making over a million (works 3 days) and the one in management owns ~14 practices (he hasn't told me what he makes but I'm assuming he makes the most).


    One of my family friends went to UWO (Class of 09) and she settled with GD in the London area. She rakes in 190k working 4 days a week as an associate. It's definitely highly variable and again this is a very small sample but this should give a different perspective based on different geographical locations.

    thank you for this post! So you mean I can combine a Faculty Member position and Private practice and still be making over 500k? Very cooool
  2. You will work much harder to make $200K as an associate vs being an owner.

    Plus, all the equity you build for the practice by working so hard goes to the owner (ALL OF IT!!!).

    I know there are non-financial reasons that dentists have for continuing to work as associates but, if we"re talking money, there is no comparison between associateship and ownership.

    There seems to be this "myth" that ownership involves one headache after another along with responsibilities that can be overwhelming.

    I think it would be beneficial for new grads and associates to get some advice on this so, I'm going to start another thread to start a discussion.

    Thank You for your response
  3. Lol...yeah...super easy.


    Associating and owning are very different experience. There are legitimate pros and cons to both, but it's way off base to think that owning is just like associating but with more income.


    Some of us have no interest on owning and sometimes there are good reasons for that.

    Very true!! Personally if I can get an associate Job after School that can Net me $200k.. Am very okay!! No need to bother myself owning a practice
  4. No idea. It's hugely variable from what I've seen. I know that I've consistently made more than a few friends who are specialists who started at the same time that I did. It can be a lot harder to build your patient base as a new specialist because you need generalists to refer to you and most of us already have people we like to refer to who have a proven track record.


    I certainly wouldn't blanket assume that all specialists make a lot more than generals.

    So Very True!! Thank You for your response! Am Considering a General and Cosmetic Dental Practice though! And am also thinking of the possibility of combining Clinical Practice with the Academia!!
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