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  1. Yes! You use the OMSAS TRF to request a transcript from the school you attended and OMSAS will make it visible to the school you will be attending. At least that's what I did
  2. Usually only a couple of hours. Their office is closed at the moment, but they usually do it first thing in the morning! If you dont receive a confirmation email from them tomorrow morning, I would give them a call.
  3. Thank you for your response! The office informed me that as long as my GPA didn't drop dramatically (ie. no failing grades or large discrepancies—A's to C's), then everything is fine. If they do find any inconsistencies they will call you and allow you to explain why your GPA dropped significantly.
  4. I feel like I'm just being paranoid, but I was wondering if someone could clarify this part of the acceptance email: "All offers are conditional until the submission of the required documentation.......As well as confirmation by our office that you have obtained 15 full or 30 half credits; maintained a satisfactory GPA through this academic year and if applicable, will have completed post graduate studies by August 1st." Do we have to send an unofficial transcript to the office to receive confirmation? Also what constitutes a "satisfactory GPA"? I'm probably overthinking this way t
  5. I can't imagine how difficult this must be for you and I am very sorry you had to go through that. I know it can be difficult to see any light at the end of the tunnel right now, but please listen to this forum's advice. Call a friend, call a hotline, anyone. Seek support and remember that you are not alone!
  6. Does anyone have updates on the confirmation email? I responded to the email on the 24th, but I still haven't received a confirmation. Should I give them a call?
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