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  1. Applied: U of T (PT+OT), MacMaster (PT), Queens (PT), Western (OT) Accepted: U of T (PT+OT), Western (OT) Waitlisted: Rejected: Queens & McMaster Will accept U of T PT!
  2. Sorry forgot to mention. It was for PT Good luck there
  3. Rejected for Queen's as well. sGPA 3.88, cGPA 3.89 To be honest I saw this coming. So anxious right now...
  4. Me! Applied for both PT and OT and now they are both "invited", and the PT status changed a few days later than OT :DDDD I'm just hopping this is not some sort of bug...
  5. Heyyyy nice to hear that! Haha I know it's not good to keep the expectation too high but I just can't help with it. Good luck to you as well
  6. Yes I am a UofT student ))))) Thank you!!! Hopefully it is a real thing lol I'm assuming I'm not the only one who sees this. Any other UofT applicants from UofT undergrad?
  7. I was aware of that fact so I'm feeling surprised and unsure right now. But I'm sure the status (OT MSOT2 2016-2017 Fall/Winter) was not there yesterday.. It even listed the courses in the timetable session :S
  8. Anyone heard from UofT OT? My ROSI/ACORN status suddenly says INVITED today... Didn't get any email though.
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