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  1. Accepted!! IP 4th year 3.93 76 36 It’s hard to put the feeling into words. It took 3 years of applying and 2 years of beat-downs from the MMI. To those who don’t get in this year, don’t get too discouraged and keep grinding. It will pay off! And to those who do get accepted, I’m stoked to meet everyone!
  2. Congrats on the acceptance! Well deserved!! Unfortunately my interview didn't go to well so it's not looking to good for me this year but that's ok. All the best!

  3. It finally came! Still can't believe my MMI score after being so let down the last two years. IP GPA: 3.93 DAT: 76 MMI: 36
  4. I admire your patience. I’ve been refreshing my email every few minutes even tho I know I’ll get a notification when it comes... haha
  5. I've always wondered the same thing. No one I've talked to knows the reasoning behind it. I know it would sure reduce my stress levels to find out sooner... And thanks, a 70 is unreal as well with an 18 on RC. I found RC is tough to practice for, and from what I hear they've changed the style a bit since I wrote.
  6. Yeah it's so tough to stop your brain from going through the questions over and over thinking about what you should've said. This month wait for the scores is going to drive me insane haha. It's nice to see more people posting in here though, this thread used to pop off this time of year. Hopefully more of the people that are reading the forums but not posting chime in. Btw, congrats on the championship RollTide. I was shocked that Damien Harris didn't declare this year, he's gonna be a stud.
  7. How did everyone feel? I liked the overall style of the questions more this year but I found a couple of the stations tough.
  8. Guess who's back, back again... IP 3.9 76 Hopefully third times the charm!
  9. I don't mean to hijack the thread but I figured I would post here seeing as I'm in a similar situation. I received acceptance to UQ for the Feb 2018 intake. The past two years I've been wait listed at UofA but not accepted. For whatever reason, I haven't been able to crack the interview so it seems like there's no guarantee I'll get in next year even if I further improve my GPA. I figure the cost will be ~$200,000 more at UQ vs UofA but I'm trying to evaluate whether that tuition difference will be negligible enough in the long run to make it worth taking another year to try for a Canadian sch
  10. The way I see it, the amount of debt will make a difference in your late 20's and early 30's but by the time you're in your 40's you'll be in the same spot. What's more important is the financial decisions you make following school. You do need to be sure dentistry is your passion though because if you rack up ~$500k of debt then decide it's not for you you'll be in trouble. It's also hard to put a price on the experience of living in a beautiful country across the world and experiencing a new culture. I can't speak for certain but it seems like you'll come away with the same level of educatio
  11. Wait list for me again, hoping for more movement this year
  12. The regular admissions and wait list will come out about the same time all at once. I think last year it was either the last week of June or first week of July
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