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  1. I believe Western has chimps, atleast it says so on their brain/mind institute page. Hidden deep in some fineprint material.
  2. I know that the realm of conducting vivisection on animals is highly secretive and the general public is quickly shown the door when asked about the conditions of animals. With that being said, has anyone conducted experiments on animals such as apes or dogs and could shed some light?
  3. Hey everyone, Quick question here. I am 25, completing my first year of my second undergrad (3 more after this), and I have the opportunity to attend an exchange program this upcoming fall. Now my primary reason for wanting to attend exchange is to bide time to build my extra curriculars and study for the mcat. Because the courses are rated Pass or Fail on exchange, I can lessen my study habits in class, and focus more attentively on the mcat. It's a strategic move to try and gain more time to build my resume/extracurriculars and also study for the mcat. Just wondering what everyon
  4. Just curious, I was looking at U of M application breakdown, 40% mcat, 45% interview, 15% GPA. As you can see, the don't look at your extra curriculars at all. Just wondering if it's worth it to bother doing extensive extra curriculars if they don't even take them into consideration.
  5. Just curious as to if anyone has any insite into this. I attend uwo, pretty great school academically and has amazing opportunities for students to join extra curricular activities. I am wondering, if I am from western and my home province is Manitoba. What is the threshold of difficulty compared to a school like western versus a school like u of m? It seems that u of m IP applicants had relatively low gpas and mcat scores in comparison to what I commonly see at western (3.9/4.0s with 520 mcat). Although I am completely ignorant to u of m and the students that attend there so I ca
  6. Just curious as to if anyone knows anything about transferring Canadian medical credentials to Swiss? I know that you have to take a test to validate your language proficiency in one of their three official languages, however what I am wondering is if it would be worth it to attend medical school over there, versus in Canada if my ultimate goal is to practice in Switzerland.
  7. Hi all, I am coming from a non science background. This means that I need to somewhere obtain the 6 credit hours of biochem from either my university or perhaps Athabasca. Does anyone know if I take my biochem online via Athabasca, does this course as my prereq 6.0 course hours?
  8. Will they look at a second degree versus a first degree? Or do they look at it all and then drop your worst? Also do you know how to convert Ontario credit hours to Manitoba? Specifically Western to U of U?
  9. Hey everyone, Just curious, does anyone know how U of M calculates your adjusted gpa (agpa)? I can't seem to find it on their admissions website.
  10. What do alberta schools consider as "in province, AKA what would I need to prove that I have moved to Alberta to gain in province status? I have family that lives in Alberta, could an individual not just say that he has been living with his extended family for the past year to gain in province status?
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