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  1. This example was very helpful, thank you! I think the bit we were missing was that person C would get their second choice over person E getting their first choice, with all this talk about the applicant being preferred and so on. I've just been wanting to wrap my head around the idea that the only way to go forward is to rank based on preferences solely, which I know to be true from reading it over and over, just have been needing to get it in my head! Thanks for this example as well! Helps me to understand.
  2. Had a conversation with classmates about this recently- maybe someone can help us understand. If someone is applying to something really competitive or with a very small number of seats, how can you rank based solely on preferences, and not take into account what others applicants are doing? If you strongly suspect multiple applicants will be ranking a program first, and want to maximize your chances of matching to a particular specialty, doesn't it make sense to consider ranking a different program first? Hope this makes sense.
  3. Out of curiosity, why is it that you wouldn't consider heme-path to have a great lifestyle whereas say anatomical or general path does?
  4. Thank you so much for this detailed response! It's exciting how things are changing and I'm intrigued to see how clinical genetics evolves in the future. Lots of food for thought in terms of outreach and telemedicine. I will certainly keep what you said in mind!
  5. Hi DNA Doc! I'm in my third year now and have had a strong interest in genetics since before starting medical school. I've read through this thread numerous times over the years, so happy to see you back! One of my biggest questions relating to a career in genetics is around the job prospects. I'm glad to see the demand for genetics consults is only continuing to increase. I'm wondering whether the large majority of job opportunities remain in major cities. When I've asked geneticists and other physicians about this they have related that it may be challenging to work in a smaller centre where
  6. Hi all, just wondering where I might find some information regarding application to and competitiveness of OBGYN fellowships?
  7. Maybe a dumb question, but are IMG positions fair game for CMGs after the second iteration? Or are all the streams still in place?
  8. Not a resident here but another student (second year). It's somewhat rare to see a post here about medical genetics, so just wanted to reach out as I'm really interested in pursuing it as well and likely have similar questions to you! Feel free to message me if you want to commiserate, I would also love to hear a resident's perspective, especially since it's such a small field.
  9. As someone interested in genetics, I am naturally really worried about the job market post-residency. I've heard many conflicting opinions about it, as some geneticists have said the demand far exceeds supply right now, and that trend will only increase in the future, while I've also seen comments like yours that make me concerned. Do you have any thoughts on this? Do you describe the job market as bad because it is pretty much limited to major cities only right now? It seems to me like although the field is small, since there are so few new geneticists graduating each year it shouldn't be too
  10. Forgive me if this was discussed previously but I did not see anything- any thoughts on the dermatology spot still open in Ottawa after the first round? Why would this have gone unmatched? Seems so unlikely given the competitiveness- just a fluke of the process maybe?
  11. Would anyone have an insight into the future of the role of medical geneticists? Would it be reasonable to expect them to be needed outside of large, urban centers? Will they be more in demand, or less because each specialty will become well-versed in the genetics within their area (ex: as more discoveries are made through research, cardiologists will be experts congenital heart disorders, so the MG may not be needed as much, and similarly with neurologists and neurological disorders, and so on...)?
  12. Does anyone have any insight on the different banks and repayment after residency vs. fellowship? I thought I saw that one of them offered it after fellowship but I'm having trouble finding which one that is...
  13. IP Accepted! GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 518 (130/129/130/129) ECs: a little bit of everything! Interview: I think it was so-so, I went back on forth on it over the past few months. My biggest tip is don't get discouraged by a rocky station especially at the beginning, try to psych yourself back up as much as possible for the rest!
  14. I didn't receive one either, and I'm Maritime.
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