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  1. Actually, that same person actually emailed the admission because he couldn't believe for that huge drop in his NAQ score, considering his AGPA didn't change much (in fact it increase by 0.X%) but the only response he got was a general info stating that an 8-10 point drop is normal because every year UBC deals with a different pool of applicants (although I am not saying that the application pool is completely comprised of new individuals).
  2. I'm debating if I should apply this year since I think my NAQ section has not improved at all since last year. This year has been a difficult year for me, so I had no choice, but to spend most of time working, so I could financially support myself. My average is too low (only 83%), so I think my only shot to gain an interview is to increase my NAQ, but with no improvement on my NAQ, I believe I'm just wasting my time?
  3. This happened to someone I know who applied a year ago, he didn't change nor edit his previous entries because he got an interview the year before. When he applied the second time, he added more activities, yet his NAQ dropped by 8-10 points (his estimation). I believe your descriptions are already solid, but no one can really tell since NAQ scoring fluctuates a lot every year as the pool of applicants vary greatly! Good luck on your application nonetheless
  4. I thought the questions are not too bad, but typing your answers made Casper a beast! This is my first time writing it and I thought it was fun doing it, but I'm definitely not sure about my performance I'm more terrified of my mcat score . Nevertheless, All the best to everyone applying this year
  5. First of all, Congratulations to everyone who got invited to the interview. You're all rock stars! Unfortunately, I got a rejection this year. I have a low A- and this makes me wonder if I should even consider reapplying next year. Unfortunately, I can't go back to school to raise my average anymore as I need to worry about bills and etc.
  6. Is your Psych/Socio score a type? Shouldn't all the scores be at least 124? Good luck for next year!
  7. This makes me so scared. Thats relatively equal to 83%. We have similar averages (I'm on the 83% range too), but seeing your AQ score under 20 is so concerning!
  8. I'm so sorry to hear this. But do you think its your wording? I feel like your activities could put your NAQ score in the 20s though. Btw, is your average exactly at 83%? My average is relatively close to yours and I'm expecting my AQ score would be around that (it sucks to have a low average).
  9. Goodluck to everyone! This is such a hard time for all of us. But, one thing to keep in mind is that we're all great as we're able to come this far!!
  10. What do you guys think about how the English prereq will come into play this year (and the succeeding) applications? I'm really worried that with the removal of the science courses, my prereq average is an absolute garbage since my English marks are abysmal (I'm talking about in the C range).
  11. I can still access my Dal account. Maybe try contacting them?
  12. How did you calculate your GPA? Did you just use UBC's 4.33 scale? I asked this because Ontario schools have a specific way of calculating your GPA (Omsas scale) I also majored in biochemistry at UBC and I truly understand your situation. It was certainly difficult to maintain a high "A" average in that major. In your case, I think its a good idea to look for med schools that would exclude your first degree as it may hurt your chances especially the GPA cut offs in Canada are insanely high. The first step for you is to look on how each medical school in Canada calculate your average or y
  13. I'm anticipating you're currently a UBC student. How's your average and/or GPA (both overall and adjusted) so far? I think the major consensus here is that Nursing itself is quite subjective, so it might not be a good program to be at if you're aiming for Med. However, I am certain that it is different for every person and judging from several postings in here, a lot of BSN students have actually gone to medicine. Meanwhile, if I were you, I think the two year accelerated program is a way to go unless your average is extremely low. If you decided to go for the 2-year program, then you can appl
  14. I know U of T drops my worst 8 half length courses, so that would probably go up to a low 3.7?
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