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  1. I would personally not do it, but I know others who would probably try this since it has been shared with a good amount of people.
  2. Say you had a snapchat video of a premed saying a few racial slurs, would one be able to present that to adcoms and blacklist them?
  3. From women I know, they say that males have a higher chance of getting accepted because there are more female applicants while medical schools try to achieve a 1:1 ratio between males and females.
  4. It won't be worth it, especially given the risk of accumulating debt and lost time, it's simply not worth it. If that happens, everyone would be flocking to business or engineering where most people make $100k+ by the time you can even practice. I'd say a reasonable study would be having salaries of doctors start at about the $100k range, obviously more ($150k) depending on salary, it would actually be a cool litmus test to see how many premeds try to jump ship from medicine, as the salaries are equal to other competitive fields for that age.
  5. I have seen lately that females are making up a higher percentage of med school students compared to males in the past few years. For example, in McMaster, females make up about 60-65% of the class. I also heard that this years QuARMS class was composed of all females. Does anyone know why females are making up more and more of medical students? There has to be something more than socially accepting women in the workplace. Are females preferred in medicine nowadays, or are there other factors here?
  6. I would honestly say this, just enjoy life in high school. It's great that you are joining many clubs and councils as well as volunteer work and a paid job, but don't go overboard with it. You're in high school, develop your study habits and try to enjoy the rest of your high school life. You'll be busy in grade 12 applying to universities and scholarships and by the time you are in university, you will have more responsibilities and a lot less free time.
  7. So I have an opportunity to work in a dry lab specializing on epidemiology and genetics but I noticed that some other people have gotten opportunities to work in wet labs which could offer more variety and interesting studies. Do medical schools perfer students gaining research experience in wet labs as opposed to dry labs? Also, should I accept the offer to work in the dry lab or should I continue to find in opportunity for a job in a wet lab.
  8. And the last thing you want in your campaign is a scandal in the week before the election.
  9. Into my 4th year undergrad at UofT life science. I feel like my ECs are at a weak point right now. Residence: Toronto, Ontario OMSAS GPA: Year 1: 3.81 Year 2: 3.87 Year 3: 3.9 Year 4 : ? MCAT: 517 (129 CHEM, 128 CARS, 130 BIO, 130 PSY) ECs: Exec in two campus clubs. A summer job at Wonderland during high school. A job in the summer of Year 1 and 2 at Harveys. Currently doing volunteering at a hospital for 2 years. Played the Cello but don't have any tangible certifications so I will probably leave it out. A few high school subject rewards. Volunteered to build playgro
  10. Remember to always be careful when taking advice. I know that some people in UofT tell this sort of stuff to naive students to "eliminate competition". Though they are a small group and there are many more people who are willing to help each other.
  11. I recently got accepted to UofT life sciences but I am having second thoughts with many people telling me that it is hard. I am wondering that if it is really as hard as people on the forums say. Although I really have no choice given our financial situation. Is it that hard?
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