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  1. Would you say this "uncertainty" is more common in the match for competitive specialties?
  2. Such as? (i'm actually interested what lengths people would go to haha)
  3. So if they ask about the activity, is it recommended to go into a specific scenario that you experienced and what you learned from that? Or is it fine if you mention your general duties and responsibilities instead of a specific example?
  4. If they ask "Tell me about your volunteering experience at XYZ" should we just give a general description of what we did and then wait for further follow-up questions, or should we go all out in explaining the specifics of the activity?
  5. Does this question require that we also explain our reason for choosing medicine?
  6. My mouth can get pretty dry if I am speaking for a long period of time. Do they provide any water/refreshment during the interview?
  7. Question about acting stations in general in the MMI - are you supposed to act formally or can you speak to the person as if they are your close friend? (depending on the scenario you're given)
  8. Is the MMI similar to Casper at all? If I did well on Casper, would it be appropriate to use Casper strategies on the MMI, or does the MMI require a different way of thinking/responding?
  9. Is it possible to update the number of hours for an activity after the Oct. 1 deadline? For example if someone continues volunteering until interview season, they would have more hours than they put on their application. Can they indicate this on the application?
  10. Do CASPer test dates fill up? I am eyeing one of the October test dates but I wasn't sure how it works.
  11. What about CANMEDS/clusters in the Brief Personal Essays? Are all 4 clusters supposed to be covered in these??
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