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  1. It seems like your plan is dedicated to practise in US in the future! I know that Australia has both BDS and DDS/DMD schools, and really the type of degree is meaningless. You will be able to practise after graduating with a BDS or DDS. Australia/Ireland has a reciprocal agreement with Canada, so you can graduate with a degree in Australia/Ireland and practice in Canada (after passing NBDE). However, the problem arises when you want to work in US with a degree from Australia/Ireland. This is when you have to apply to US international dental program, which usually takes up to 2 years.
  2. Looking to buy: DAT Destroyer (2016/2017) Princeton Review MCAT General Chemistry Review Kaplan DAT CRACK THE DAT PAT Thank you
  3. Hi, I'm just wondering why you chose medicine when you finished Dentistry and became a dentist? Thank you
  4. Sorry! I meant, what UBC Physiology courses are acceptable to meet UofT's Physiology requirements!
  5. Does anybody know what physiology courses are acceptable for UBC? Thanks
  6. Just a question, doesn't UQ Dentistry program require 5 years? Why didn't you consider Australian Graduate school that takes up 4 years?
  7. I believe CASPer is a new exam for UBC Dentistry, and it is required for this year I believe. On top of that, there is MMI. Extracurricular activities are not required at all, but for your interview, those experiences would support your qualification.
  8. I see! Thank you everyone. So, what I understand is, If I start applying in my third year, they only evaluate me with my 1st/2nd year %. If I start applying in my fourth year, they only evaluate me with the best two years out of 1/2/3rd year at UBC.
  9. Hello, I am a bit confused with "worst year dropped if 4 or more years". I am currently going into a second year in 2017 September. If I plan to apply for Dental school in the beginning of my third year (2018 September), will my third year % count towards it? Also, if I apply again in the beginning of my fourth year, will my fourth year % count towards the admission? And, will my lowest year drop? Thank you
  10. I don't think that's a great idea. Organic Chem is a pre-req course for more advanced chemistry courses for 3/4th year chemistry. If you postpone taking Organic Chem, you may not be eligible to take a course that has a pre-req of organic chem. Just take it in your second year!
  11. It seems like our score for Casper can only be used for one admission cycle. Does this mean we can write the CASPER multiple times and choose the highest score?
  12. For a third year student to apply, 84% in first year isn't too competitive. I would advise you to apply in your fourth year. I have seen a statistics for UofA or UofS, and the range for a third year who got in was between 89-93%.
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