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  1. I'm assuming the secure link will expire after the 15 minutes.
  2. Hi UWCC, Which schools are you prepping for?
  3. Hey FingersCrossedPls, It really depends on your interview skills. If you aren't a strong interviewer in general, then receiving coaching can definitely help. Personally I agree the professional prep companies are outrageously priced and are introducing yet another major source of inequity in the whole admissions process. I do however think it can help to get some feedback and to go through a mock session with a current med student to help polish your skills. There ARE reasonably priced options out there, PM me for more info!
  4. Just wanted to thank everyone who reached out to us over the last several weeks!! We still have a few availabilities for our 1 on 1 interview prep so PM me if interested!! We've gotten great feedback so far!! Best of luck with your prep everyone!
  5. Hey guys, we're doing 1 on 1 MMI and panel prep in downtown Toronto/Hamilton. We've had lots of interest, PM me to find out more!
  6. Hi Chocolates, I'm helping a few people with 1 on 1 uOttawa interview prep at McMaster. PM me if you're interested!
  7. Our prep team is based out of Mac and we have plenty of uOttawa panel prep material and 1 on 1 coaching!!! PM me!!!
  8. PMd!! If anyone else is looking for 1 on 1 MMI or panel prep PM me!!!!
  9. Feel free to PM me if anyone else is looking!!! We're offering 1 on 1 prep/interview coaching services!!!
  10. Hey guys! Sorry to be a nuisance but I'll be running mock 1 on 1 MMIs in downtown Toronto/Hamilton area right up until the last interview dates! If any of you are interested at any point PM me!!!
  11. Hey there, You will not be given a pen or paper during the 2 minute prep period. The prompt will be stuck outside a door and you will have to read it and come up with your first response. At times you may find yourself scrambling from the last station to the next as the 2 minutes starts as soon as the previous station ends. If you're interested in conducting a mock 1 on 1 MMI in the Toronto/Hamilton area PM me!
  12. Hi everyone, PM me if you're interested in doing mock MMIs in the Toronto/Hamilton Area!
  13. Congrats on the interviews guys! If at any point any of you are looking for 1 on 1 mock MMIs with feedback sessions, I'll be running sessions in downtown Toronto or the Hamilton area! PM me if you're interested!
  14. Hey guys congrats on the interviews! If any of you are interested at any point during your prep to have a mock run, PM me! I'll be running 1 on 1 mock MMIs with feedback sessions in the Hamilton/Burlington area!
  15. Congrats to everyone receiving McMaster interview invites today!!! Just a reminder, if you're looking for 1 on 1 mock MMI sessions with feedback, shoot us a message on fb or send us an email at ogadmissionsconsultants@gmail.com!! We're MUCH more affordable than traditional MMI prep companies and give more personalized intensive feedback/assessment than most other student-run interview groups! Make us part of your prep this cycle!!
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