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  1. Fairly. Unlike Canada, they don't expect you to reapply. With that said, I've met reapplicants who interviewed twice at the same school. Schools will now you're a reapplicant to their school (I don't know how but they do) and can compare your previous and current applications.
  2. As far as I remember, A at York was 4. My AMCAS GPA was significantly higher than OMSAS (which counts A as 3.8). I don't remember the conversion for B+
  3. Last year it came out the Monday after OMSAS. It must have been the 15th or so.
  4. That's too bad. I wonder if they will have more to communicate moving forward. Could you see yourself entering CaRMS?
  5. Vaccines, healthcare system sustainability, pharmacare, role of allied health professionals
  6. So true. I was feeling very relieved this weekend when I heard the news that I eventually gave up my US offer (with scholarship) to attend a Canadian medical school. Yes, I may have had better opportunities to work with underserved populations and better residency options in the states but no regrets. Has your school communicated with you about these issues?
  7. I'd say if you can afford it give it a shot. You never know!
  8. What's your percentile score on the new MCAT? Almost all of our OOP students in the class of 2020 are Ontarians so I'd encourage you to apply with such a great GPA.
  9. Asked the reps at Memorial. Did not know about it and said no such thing exists!
  10. I put it under volunteer because I volunteered to do it. I had too much in the research category so YMMV
  11. I applied to almost 35 and all as far as I can recall had some pre-preqs.
  12. I included it. Not sure it helped tbh. I think under leadership or something.
  13. And that someone had to jump through many more hoops to be one of those chosen for a few residency spots and lucky enough to be able to practice in ON. Let's not become xenophobic. It's unbecoming of a Canadian.
  14. Anyone have recommendations for styli for iPad mini/air? Am trying to decide whether my 16 gb iPad mini and 2011 MacBook Air will cut it or if I need to splurge on a new ipad pro.
  15. I wrote at the yorkland prometric. Parking was terrible because it's so limited. The staff were great and walked you through everything and sign in was great. Only complaint is that the exam room faced the street so sometimes you would hear a motorcycle go by or a very loud car.
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