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  1. Dang. I didn't get any email. Do they send them all in one day?
  2. Has anyone received II/rejection from Sydney? Their interview schedule is july 31-august 11th so it should be any day now I'd assume. I still haven't gotten anything though.
  3. We need a greater sample size. I say we track release dates from 1998 onwards to definitively conclude results will be released tomorrow
  4. I like your confidence turbografx16 lol. If feel if it isnt this week (tmr) than it'll for sure be next week.
  5. Anyone else anticipating a release tmr based on the last 2 years??
  6. I think the assumption is it'll be released within next 7 days since the last two years it came out around the 10th. Tbh it shouldn't even take this long. If they removed the useless MDT they could release scores faster.
  7. Hey everyone, so I have a quick question for applying to western. I was in my 4th yr last year, however had to go part time due to personal health issues. As such, I'm continuing my 4th year this coming semester and just need 6 classes to graduate, but I emailed my counsellor to allow me to register for winter too as a full time student and delay graduation so I can have a full year as full time student. Now, say I can get a 88+ avg this coming year, would I be able register as a "special student" next year to meet the best 2 year average cutoffs? Or will western say since I was able
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies! There may be a slight confusion. I understand that the canadian friendly schools in the states allow you to use Cdat scores, but my main concern is having already written the USdat, schools wont be turned off from replacing my scores with the Cdat (considering it doesn't cover Orgo and QR) assuming I score better on the Cdat? I'll probably call some of the big canadian friendly schools on Monday and ask.
  9. Hi, I posted this on SDN forum but thought I may get more accurate answers here I'm a canadian student looking to apply to the states, and I wrote the US dat in april but didn't score as well as I wanted (18AA). I want to re write the dat but write the canadian version due to the cost and timing. Would schools that normally accept the canadian version take mine which was used as a retake, or is it once a canadian writes the US version they must rewrite the same version of the exam? Thanks!
  10. Why can't ottawa do what Mcgill is doing, with having the mcat being submitted as optional. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe thats what Mcgill applicants can do? So someone with an awesome mcat score but 3.85 wgpa would stand similar chance at an interview vs a 3.95 with no mcat. So having the mcat would only help an applicant rather than hurt them. But overall I really like the american system and its holistic approach towards selecting students.
  11. If ottawa has crazy mcat cutoffs like western and keeps a high gpa acceptance rate, i might just have better chance applying to harvard instead. It's getting ridiculously competitive being a Canadian applicant these days.
  12. Hi rmorelan, thanks for the reply! The main reason I want to do a 5th year in my first UG is because none of my years from my degree really qualify for any school and also because I still need 3 classes to graduate from my first degree. So if I'm going back in the fall, might as well extend my course load to 5/semester and make a 5th year our of it. Best case scenario if i get a 4.0 in my 5th year, I can't do much in terms of applications since I don't even have 3.7 in prev years to qualify for western. However, by having a 4.0 in my 5th year, in addition to a strong gpa in my 1st and 2nd year
  13. While it is a bit premature to say which specialties in medicine are most interesting to me since a lot can change once you're in medicine, what attracted me to medicine initially were the diagnostic fields like pathology and radiology. I just think these two specialities are so darn cool, being the person responsible for identifying the problem and solving what it could be. But is it wrong to have the drive to go for med with these goals in mind? There's no guarantee I'd match since it's fairly competitive, and I may end up liking primary care more, but I feel many who apply to med already ha
  14. Thank you everyone for the advice, much appreciated. My main concern with doing a 2nd UG is if medicine doesnt work out, I want it to be something useful. That's why I've been considering engineering, but I know it will be reallyyyy hard to maintain an A average in that type of program. Ive also looked into health sciences, and coming from a science background (biology), i feel it wouldn't be as intense and more realistic to get high grades with lots of effort.
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