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  1. My friends and I did some research on the available LOC options and put them together into a summary: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EFo_7w6pUV9Xa1kW7PTH-JrczFCiPmhTEBlrrdJaENw/edit?usp=sharing It appears that only specialized bank agents know the details of these offers. Below are two contacts I found helpful: Scotiabank: Rod McFadden 519.642.3017 rod.mcfadden@scotiabank.com RBC: Kendra Coleman 236-838-7327 kendra.coleman@rbc.com
  2. Just declined my OOP offer for Regina. Was in 3rd quartile.
  3. Declined my waterloo offer today! Good luck everyone!!
  4. mine was delivered on friday morning and it hasn't updated yet... reason I'm stressed is because I need to decline my OMSAS offer today and I keep having this nightmare of declining that and UBC somehow not receiving my deposit, losing both my offers
  5. Accepted off waitlist and declined OOP. Good luck!
  6. Thank you for your detailed answer! I was wondering how much negative impact does this have (i.e. not having enough hands-on experiences)? And, are there ways to look for one-on-one experiences if you really want them?
  7. Result: Accepted VFMP (first choice) Geography: IP Early or Regular Deadline: Regular Timestamp: 11:15am EST AGPA: ~93% MCAT (CPBS / CARS / BBFL / PSBB): 520 (130/131/130/129) Current Degree (UG/Bachelors/Masters/PhD): 4th year UG Interview: Practiced a whole lot with my interview prep group and WE ALL GOT IN! We did a few hours every week and coming up with questions for each other, with timed responses and honest feedback. The actual interview was great, the interviewers were all very friendly, though so I couldn't tell if they actually liked me or if th
  8. Result: Waitlisted 3rd Quartile GPA: ~93% MCAT Score: 520 Location: OOP Degree: 4th year UG Interview: Felt like it went okay, although some questions caught me off guard.
  9. Result: Reject Geography: OOP GPA: 3.97 MCAT: 520 (131 CARS) Degree: 4th year undergrad EC (what I wrote for top ten): lots of part-time work study employment and summer jobs, a year of co-op and some average-ish volunteering gigs. I put the essays together the night before so honestly was surprised I even got an interview. Interview: Was quite a disaster. They said in the info night that all sub-questions will have a score so I was extremely fast in my pace to finish all 5 (6?) questions in the time for each station, but I noticed how displeased the interviewers loo
  10. Accepted/Waitlisted/Regrets: WaitlistedIn Province (IP)/ Out of Province(OOP): OOPGPA(x.xx/4.5): 4.48/4.5MCAT: 520Rural/Non-Rural: non-ruralAdvanced Academics (PhD, pubs, academic appointment): N/A It's really nice that they give advisory feedback for those waitlisted as well, I get to know my casper and MMI quintile. Competition is insane this year! Will probably be accepting elsewhere.
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