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  1. Hi everyone, I was just wondering if a 5th year, Masters or a year off would be more beneficial to my application. I didn't apply this year and honestly I'm not sure how I would rank in terms of my application based on GPA alone. I received a couple interviews in medicine but after a few seminars/conference, I really feel more passionate about dentistry and am seriously considering it. Anyways, here is my GPA: Year 1: 3.89 Year 2: 3.89 Year 3: 3.92 Year 3.93-3.96 I think my uoft wGPA would be between my 3.91-3.92 depending on how 4th year goes. Assuming I get
  2. Would a 3.88 still be competitive for Ottawa. I know they are introducing the mcat next year, so do you think that will alleviate their high GPA requirements?
  3. Hey everyone, I recently got back my final mark in a full year physiology course where it dropped from an 89 to and 84. The GPA for my 3rd year at Western University as a result dropped from 3.92 to 3.88. Overall my GPA breakdown over the 3 years thus far is: 1st Year: 3.87 1st year summer: 4.0 (1 credit) 2nd Year: 3.89 3rd Year: 3.88 (was 3.92) Due to this 1% difference from an 84 to 85 the GPA for each med school dropped, where I don't even think I can apply to them anymore. Mac cGPA= 3.89 ; Ottawa wGPA = 3.88 ; Queens/Western = 3.89; UofT wGPA = 3.925 My ECs are avera
  4. Hey how did you end in path 3240 and are you still planning on taking path 3245?
  5. I wrote the micro 2500 exam last year. The bacteriology questions were straight forward and very much like the questions asked on the bacteriology midterm. In fact, most of the questions for bacteriology, virology and parasitology were pure memorization. The immunology section had a few application based questions, but they were still relatively straight forward. This year you have the final in a pretty bad spot - right beside biochem Good luck and power through
  6. You need at least 3/5 of the credits you are taking for an academic year to be at that years level or higher (example 3/5 credits of your 3rd year will have to be 3000 level).The remaining 2 credits can be filled with whatever you need for your degree/module or can be electives. In terms of not applying to Western Medical Sciences because a lot of people get cut out prior to year 2 -- I think that was a mistake. You are looking for an easy route to medical school and to be honest, there isn't any easy one. No program is better suited than the other and all are generally similar in difficul
  7. 70 of the total number of med students (class of 2019) are from McMaster (not 70%), but yes McMaster is a great school!
  8. Okay, so 1 of the online courses I am taking is a full year anatomy credit (can't drop this). The other is a 1/2 credit bird course in 2nd semester. If I drop the half credit course and take a lecture based course, will that give me the suitable 5 credit full course load, which is required for Ottawa's wGPA calculation? WIll I have to take summer courses to make up for the 1 credit online course, despite having the full course load. Also, does taking 1 credit in online courses out of a 5 credit full course load have a negative repercussion for any other Canadian med school (both in and
  9. This year I have 3.5 courses that are lecture based and 1.5 courses which are online (5 credits altogether). Will that count as a full course load?
  10. Hi everyone, I recently dropped a course (without academic penalty) and it now shows as a WNF on my transcript. This semester I was overloading with 6 courses, and after dropping the course, I still have a full course load of 5 courses in each semester totaling 5 credits altogether. I was wondering if the WNF beside this dropped course is anything to worry about in terms of my application to medical schools across Canada. Will it hold me back anywhere? Does It have to be explained in an academic explanation essay? Thanks in advance
  11. So hypothetically if you were only going to apply to McMaster and Western, should you even bother filling in an ABS. Like would they look at your ABS during interview to ask you questions?
  12. I'm going into my 3rd year at Med Sci and can confirm to you that Med Sci does not inflate grades. The courses are fair and are built to grant success to those who stay on top of the work and study smart. The general class avg for 1st year med sci courses are in the low to mid 70s. Furthermore, 2nd year is harder than the first year where the class average for courses is in the high 60s and low 70s. The 3rd and 4th years are supposedly significantly easier, where the class avgs are upwards of 80. Overall, I would say that this is reasonable considering that only HS students with 90+ averag
  13. He has the same 3.93 cGPA as you though lol But his MCAT is amazing!!
  14. Only some US schools I think... no Canadian schools for sure
  15. So in the case of Canadian med schools, they either take the best score or the most recent score, where previous scores would not be looked at (unless its the best score).
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