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  1. Hey guys! I was just given an offer today off of the waitlist for the U of A OT program! The waitlist is moving!!! I wish you guys all the best and I hope to see you in the Fall!!
  2. I cannot speak for all Universities, but to my knowledge about U of A, they will take the average of the entire semester. I think it should be the same for other schools as well.
  3. Hey guys. I just received an email from the OT admissions office saying that there isn’t a lot of movement to the wait list as of late. Hopefully that changes soon, I wish everyone luck!!!
  4. I 100% agree with PTea. A high GPA is what gets your foot through the door for PT applications. Ensuring that your GPA is competitive is the first step, then it's making sure you have the volunteer experience and the interviewing skills. Since you spoke about MRU, I am going to assume you are one day going to apply for the PT program at U of A. U of A's grading scheme for the PT program is: 50% GPA, 45% MMI Interview, and 5% Anatomy. So making sure you have good communication skills is vital. =D Hope that helps.
  5. Has anyone heard back from the waitlist yet? Or does it seem like there is no movement?
  6. Are you emailing the OT department or the PT department? Because I emailed the OT department quite recently on May 28th and they got back to me in about three hours. Could your email have gotten lost somewhere in the mountain they receive? Doesn't hurt to try again! I am certain they'd understand if you explain that it's has been 18 days and you haven't gotten a reply. Hope that helps!
  7. You can email the U of A OT Department and ask if you're in the upper half (1-49) or the lower half (50-100) of the waitlist. I think that's all that they'll tell you. It doesn't hurt if your friend emails them for more information though. Hope that helps.
  8. Hi! So I sent an email to the OT program to and I asked for my position as well. I clarified, asking if upper half means 1-49 and lower half means 49-100. They've replied saying that I'm in the upper half as well, so you are closer to the #1 spot! Hope that helps!
  9. Yes - I have done MMI interviews with U of A for 2 years already (waitlisted both times for the PT program). It's good to be familiar with current events such as politics (Trump) and what's going on in medicine (such as the legalization of marijuana). U of A's PT interview tends to have 1 - 2 questions related to this as well as the typical interview questions (why do you want to do PT).
  10. Good luck to everyone who is applying! Best of wishes! Is this thread just for the PT program in Ontario? Has anyone gotten replies from U of A?
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