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  1. I wanted to know what your experiences were like, especially if you were in a high school french immersion program! Do we have to type with the accents? Just wondering as it might make me type slower
  2. To confirm, this is a strict cutoff? People below it won't have their application reviewed?
  3. Hi, Has anyone emailed about the GPA cutoff for Ontario residents?
  4. Basically, I'd have to take a reduced course load in one term due to extenuating circmstances (which I'd rather share privately), and I just wanted to know people's experiences with being considered for weighing formulas in these cases, etc Thanks
  5. Hi, I'm starting to consider a career as a dentist. I was curious to know why people choose dentistry and what dentistry school is like? Thanks.
  6. I took Physics Part 1 (3 unit course) this past school year, and I need to take Physics Part 2 (3 unit course) next year. However, the Part 2 is only offered in the January-April term. They're continuation of each other but they're also two separate courses. Hmm, okay I will look into doing that. Was your second institution online?
  7. I only decided to go into med a few months ago and I'm entering my fourth, which is why I'm in this situation :/ I guess I'll give them a call
  8. Hi! I read on the website that prerequisites must be completed by January, however, at my school the course I have left which is a continuation/part 2 is only offered in the January-April term. Has anyone had experience with this? Not really sure what to do.
  9. There's a full year anatomy course available to life science students at Mac in their second year!
  10. I'm going into my final year, and I'm currently taking the last few prerequisites now in summer school, which ends in August. I took all the other prequisites this past school year. I was thinking of doing a few days of review then focusing on practice questions for the MCAT between August and September, and then writing it in September. This would also mean that I wouldn't know my scores until after I applied to the schools. Has anyone done this successfully? Any feedback? Thanks in advance
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