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  1. Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew how it looked on the NAQ to put different roles within the same organization as separate entries (ex: acting as a volunteer for one year and an executive for another or acting as one executive role one year and another role the next year). Thank you for any help with this!
  2. Hi everyone! For the "why do you want to be a doctor essay" do you have to change it that much if you were not given an interview last year (so they never read it)? My answer hasn't changed so i'm not sure how to reword it that much
  3. Also, in describing ABS is it recommended to explicitly say skills developed (i.e. communication, leadership) or can we focus on describing activities in a way that implies this (i.e. worked with team/adapted teaching to skill level/led team)
  4. Hi there! Does anyone know if the same person will read your entire ABS? I have been in more than one role with a club on my ABS, and am wondering if I have to describe the club's activities in both descriptions. Thank you
  5. What if we don't have 3 entries for awards or research (as in 3 publications/poster presentations)
  6. does anyone know if the labs will be in person for the rest of the 2020 year?
  7. What is considered a competitive MCAT minimum for it to be worth applying OOP? My extracurriculars are good but not amazing and my cGPA is 3.96 overall (3.95 if Winter 2020 isn't included)? I'm debating if it is worth taking orgo this year to apply
  8. For my non-academic reference letter I am having difficulty deciding on who to ask and was wondering if anyone has any opinions/insight Options: - Fellow undergrad student who was the coordinator for a school service I was a part of - Teacher for class I volunteered with multiple times a week in second year (1 year) - Supervisor for my Chem TA job (2 years) Also, for the academic reference letter, is it bad if you choose a prof that you had this past semester (cut short bc of covid)? My prof was a sweetheart and it was a small class, I think they would write me a re
  9. for references, does anyone know if it's okay to have a reference who was also an undergrad student but in a supervisory/leadership position in the club you were involved with ?
  10. Hi everyone! With the covid situation, do you think they might drop the lab requirement for orgo?
  11. do they round up the third decimal for your GPA? ex: would 3.967 be 3.96 or 3.97
  12. did anyone receive a waitlist offer they arent planning on accepting?
  13. seems like there was a big wave today! congrats everyone, i hope theres still some left to come ahhh
  14. do you think that they have already sent out most waitlist offers?
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