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  1. This is specifically regarding applying to a PhD program in rehab sciences (most likely in occupational therapy) after my master's.
  2. Hi everyone! I am entering OT with the plan to apply to another program after graduation from OT--therefore the marks I attain in OT are important. I am wondering if anyone knows about the difficulty of the OT programs in Ontario & BC--particularly UBC, U of T, Western, & Queens (i.e. how easy or difficult it is to earn an A in class, how fast-paced is the program, class average, etc) Thanks so much for your help!
  3. Okay cool, same I applied to some OT programs in Ontario! I emailed ubc med to make sure it's okay to accept an offer to a graduate program. They said as long I don't start the program before Sept 2017, it's okay to withdraw!
  4. Oh yay that makes me feel better, I was getting super worried! Did you also apply to med?
  5. Hello! I just got my admissions offer to UBC OT which I have to accept by April 19th, but I have also applied to UBC's undergraduate med program which doesn't release decisions till May. Does anyone know or if you've been in a similar boat, is it okay to withdraw from a graduate program after accepting the offer and accepting an undergraduate offer? Thanks!
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