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  1. I overloaded in my fourth year to take 11 half-courses (0.5 credit) instead of the normal 10. 3.0 credits of my total 5.5 credits were upper year. Is this okay, or will my fourth year be ignored?
  2. I was told that the 3/5 courses just had to be in "upper year", so 3rd year courses would count towards the 3/5 if you're in fourth year. How fucked am I if I have 2.5 fourth year courses and 0.5 third year courses in my fourth year?? I have to take a lot of second year courses because I'm also doing a certificate in addition to my BSc. Fuuuuuuuuuuuck me
  3. Is anyone going to be studying in London this summer and would want to form a study group? I'm re-writing after taking the TPR course and getting an alright score, and I think it would be awesome to have other people to study with!
  4. Is it safe to assume that I'm getting a rejection if I didn't get an email around 1pm PST? I already didn't have high hopes, but this is still slowly driving me nuts
  5. You trolling or for real? Still nothing for me.
  6. Oh hell naw, I've already been going crazy for the past two hours
  7. I've been doing those speed typing games in preparation for the time crunch the CASPeR puts you under, and I average around 80-85wpm. Is there any perfect range of typing speed for the test?
  8. Oh god, I just applied for my first cycle and this is my worst fear if I land an interview. My voice is extremely monotone if I don't consciously alter the pitch and tone of it.
  9. Wait, so we have to send our scores from the AAMC website, in addition to giving OMSAS our AAMC ID number?
  10. It'll come off as padding, especially if you've already mentioned that volunteering and project in other entries.
  11. I'm thinking that the "OMSAS length" column implies that they convert it for us, but I'm also a bit confused!
  12. Ooh, I see! And an organized sport (i.e. I played competitive hockey) would be under extracurriculars and require a verifier?
  13. I'm wondering this, too! I could technically use my SO as a verifier, since we go to the gym together, but it would probably seem fraud-ish to have someone like that act as a verifier.
  14. Do medical schools ever use the address/postal code information of our verifiers? Just wondering, since the addresses of a few of mine have changed, and I don't really want to ask them for their new address unless I absolutely need it.
  15. I ended up in a situation where I currently need to find two more referees willing to write a letter before October 1st (it's September 22nd right now) - how screwed do you guys think I am?
  16. If I was a member of the same club on campus for several years, but had different positions within the club this year (general member, vice president, etc...) would it be better to split them into each position, or lump it all into one entry? My gut feeling says to separate them so that I can explain the different responsibilities more effectively, but I'm afraid that it will take away from the long-term commitment to the club by having several one-year entries vs. one 4-year entry.
  17. Are there any free PDFs? I literally can't afford to buy Doing Right
  18. At the bottom of each of the entry forms for the supplemental questions, it says to have verifiers for any activities you mention in your answers. So I need to enter the verifier # in my answer? i.e. would I write something like "I volunteered at X organization (see verifier 1)" rather than "I volunteered at X organization"?
  19. omg, that's awesome, I haven't taken a look at the references section of the application yet!
  20. Oh true! I just need to figure out a verifier for the academic awards I got in high school
  21. Does this include high schools? I'm not sure how I'd get a verifier for that.
  22. Hey guys! I'm sorry to be one of the umpteenth people to ask the same question, but I'm really struggling with picking who I could ask for a letter of reference. I guess I had a more idealized view on how getting some research jobs would lead to references, and I'm feeling lost on what to do. So, out of these potential referees, who would you suggest I pick? I need 3 references. 1. Former employer: she owned the store that I cashiered and stocked shelves at in high school and first year. Got to know her well, is VERY supportive of my medical school goals, and offered for me to contact
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