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  1. Asking a question is not judging... BUT, heres what is judging -saying id be a bad healthcare professional without knowing who I really am -saying I'm chasing money -saying the original poster's 90th percentile DAT score is sub-par for their GPA. Haha first the original poster's AA and now my RC? What is with you using peoples DAT scores to judge them?
  2. You had to go into my post history to find dirt on me? Goes to show how you ran out of things to say I was pointing out living situations, resources, and education level ARE things that you failed to recognize as potential reasons for what you considered a sub-par AA. You said id be a crappy health care professional, so you're the one showing a lack of judgement You're right, my future is unknown. Not as unknown as yours, though
  3. Lol this isn't about me and my success, this individual made unfair judgements not only about the original poster, but about me as well. Im not attacking anyone, I'm just defending myself.
  4. Chasing money? Hahaha where the hell did that come from? Please kid, sit down
  5. Someone's "mentality and motive" is at question is at motive if they score in the 80-85th percentile? Yeah health care professionals have to "care about others", but they also have to understand other people's living situations, resources, and education level. All of which you fail to identify as possible reasons for what you alone consider a low AA. Smarten up, or your futur3 is definitely unkn0wn hahaha
  6. I'm going to be subpar professional because I dropped the F bomb on a forum? Ha okay, says the person who's making judgements left right and centre about someone's DAT score. Trust me I could rip into you right now but I won't.
  7. Withdrawing my UofA interview, hope someone else gets it
  8. Ha, it really isn't a flex zone at all. Everyone posts here so everyone has an idea of what the competition is like.
  9. My undergrad school calculated by GPA as 3.90, but I emailed Chris and she said I'm at 3.97......makes sense, every school calculates GPA differently
  10. Late to the party Invite IP GPA: I calculate 3.90, but according to UofA it's 3.97 DAT: A little above 70
  11. I can't say much as I have interviewed there recently, but just be yourself. The interview is not THAT crazy! It's fun!
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