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  1. Also, has anyone’s ucan portal changed? Just wondering if I need to add that to the list of things to be refreshing every 30 seconds
  2. You think I could have UofC pay for the massage I’m going to need after this?
  3. Anyone know anyone from cohort 1 with anything?
  4. Alright guys, welcome to the beginning to what could reasonably be considered late afternoon
  5. I legitimately believe that they don’t know and won’t know for a couple more weeks
  6. I bet you they also have no idea what the interview is worth now
  7. I might just be stupid, but is there no submit button or anything? I have everything uploaded but there is no way to submit the application. Am I crazy?
  8. Hey guys, a friend of mine has an interview tab on their UCAN application and when I looked I don't. Is this something i should be worried about?
  9. For anyone that’s received an offer of admission, what time on the 24th did you have to accept the offer by?
  10. There won’t be much movement until the deadline to accept which is the 24th
  11. The email said to call/email if you had anything to say to the admissions committee. I took that as doing it for if you were saying it was accurate, but I read it wrong, it was mostly if something was wrong and you wanted a human to talk to. Either way it worked out and I got some information out of them for us too
  12. Apparently, which quite frankly seems kind of like a waste of time
  13. I’m a verifier (and an applicant for what it’s worth) and while on the phone to verify the activity the lady mentioned that the admissions decisions were already decided and that this was being done for everyone. Just so yall also know :)
  14. Catching up on video games, books, podcasts, gymming, eating, working. Literally anything to just not think about it
  15. Does the feedback letter have any averages of the people who have gotten interviews?
  16. Hey y'all, I am gonna be in calgary for the weekend for the interview and I was wondering if there are any restaurants that I have to try while I'm there that aren't up in edmonton. Preferably by the university area but I like to drive so it doesnt have to be!
  17. Does anyone have the stats for 2/3 year ip applicants?
  18. Hey everyone, For the diversity of experience section I want to have a couple of the hobbies I've had since I was in highschool on my application, specifically weightlifting and online competitive smash (I know this one is a dumb one but since I've spent hundreds of hours doing this and I'm going to have extra spaces in that section, it couldn't hurt). My question is who do I use for a verifier? I know I'm not allowed to use myself but would I be able to use a friend of mine who can attest to the fact that I do these things?
  19. Does anyone know if the emails are going out just now or are they going out all today?
  20. Have we ever thought of the possibility that no one from this entire forum got offers?
  21. I feel like ever since I started using this website I began to drink more and I have 7 or so more days of this drinking. Good thing some of us are going to be doctors becuase I'll probbly end up with liver problems
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