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    smac reacted to warthog in May 14 Countdown   
    It kind of feels weird knowing that in less than 24 hours, the trajectory of my life could be drastically different. 
    On the other hand, I sincerely wish you all the best of luck!!! Regardless of the result, you took on this process. You committed to every step, and you made it this far — there are many that didn’t! 

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    smac reacted to erythrocyte in Western interview invites/regrets 2019   
    I very much doubt 1 single individual read all 8 of your essays. It was likely divided among 8 people, with the average of your responses being taken as your final score. This is how it works in CASPer, for UoT, MMI, etc. 
    The admissions office of every school has the right to change their admission criteria from one year to the next. Western is not unique in this circumstance. To be honest, I actually admire Western for changing their criteria to allow character elements to shine through compared to the archaic method of using only GPA and MCAT. As I mentioned to you before in a previous post, possessing a good MCAT or GPA, while important, are not the sole factors that determine whether or not someone is good enough for med school.
    IMO, focus on your other interviews at those Ivy schools. Perhaps take a little bit of time to reflect. Likening yourself to a 'Syrian refugee' screams to me that your line of thinking needs to come down a notch. 
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    smac reacted to anonymouspls in Interviews 2019   
    Here's direct confirmation from the admissions office:
    "All interview invitations have been distributed ...  All remaining applicants will be notified when our interview maximum capacity has been reached in early November."
    On to the next one guys.
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    smac reacted to aspiringstudent in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    Althought I agree that none of us should be insulting each other here as this is a thread and we're all mature (I hope), you do have to understand you're going to get criticism based off the points you made lol, such as medicine being a dying field, money, your application being competitive, etc.
    It seems as if you were interested more in money than actually helping people. People aren't getting healthier. Just because the average lifespan is getting higher and higher in developed countries doesn't mean people are healthier. Doctors will always be needed. I for one know that both Canada and US will be needing an influx of internal medical physicians. India alone needs 10 million medical professionals in the next 10 years. It's a profession you go into to help people. It's a profession not everyone can do but that's okay! It really isn't for everyone and there's nothing wrong with that at all.
    Secondly, your application, although impressive, doesn't mean it's that impressive for medicine. Just because you have research, sports, and business doesn't mean much for medical schools lol. I had a friend who almost made it into the NBA, dabbed in entrepreneurship by being an app developer, 4.0 GPA, 520 MCAT, and had 5 publications by 4th year. He got rejected 2 years in a row from almost every school in Canada. You need to diversify your application more (more charity work, volunteering, giving back to community) to show more character. 
    I don't want to come off as being judgemental but just by reading your giant message (I read it all haha) I picture you as a cocky and arrogant person in real life for some reason. That may be just me but that's definitely not the quality you would want out of a doctor. Regardless, I wish you all the success in your life and thank you for trying to send a positive message to people who aren't striving their medical goals too! :) 
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    smac got a reaction from CanPreMed2018 in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    I think it's really good you chose finance because you don't really have a grasp of current health problem in this country. Just finished my MPH degree and there are a lot of complex health problems we need to solve with doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other allied health professionals. It seems odd that if you're making 1.5 million dollars this month that you have time to write these long rants on a premed forum about how horrible medicine is. Best of luck in your future business career I hope you approach it with a positive attitude. 
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    smac reacted to MitralLunar in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    I seriously don't think anyone on this forum believes you are legit. You reek of bs and from what you wrote you have a nearly non-existent understanding of the healthcare landscape. Prob some high schooler with a ton of free time on hands or a classic example of delusional coping mechanism on display.
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    smac got a reaction from HoopDreams in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    I think it's really good you chose finance because you don't really have a grasp of current health problem in this country. Just finished my MPH degree and there are a lot of complex health problems we need to solve with doctors, nurses, nutritionists and other allied health professionals. It seems odd that if you're making 1.5 million dollars this month that you have time to write these long rants on a premed forum about how horrible medicine is. Best of luck in your future business career I hope you approach it with a positive attitude. 
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    smac reacted to jlkhhylyiluh6 in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    wow I hope this is a troll post because otherwise you are seriously a narcissistic douche. Very glad you decided to stay far away from medicine.
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    smac reacted to GH0ST in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    @canucks_14While I can respect your opinion I have to dispel a misconception you spread here that has the potential to be and detrimental to future community health. 
    This point does not accurately reflect the common overlaps between medicine, public health, and community health. When we think of health care, it is easy to immediately think of treatment as the primary goal. On the spectrum of health care however involves prevention (which encompasses an understanding of risk factors, epidemiology of disease, and their consequences), treatment (which also includes preventing further complications for patients with an illness), and end-of-life care.
    In your example, you discussed your interest in being a CV surgeon. Setting aside the obvious that there's many other specialties to consider, you have missed the point that prevention in health care done by physicians exist also in medical care. If a patient were to have diabetes, it's important to help manage their condition to prevent future complications. For those without diabetes but does have risk factors, it's important for a physician to stratify and begin the necessary screening process so that the condition can be prevented to the highest probability. The work of a physician goes so far beyond diagnosing someone who is unwell and giving them treatment. I would say one of the best things I've gained from my experience so far is that I can play a role along the entire spectrum of health (a term which is difficult to define in itself.)
    In your example, you discussed how people are "getting so healthy nowadays." From the outside perspective it may appear that way. We have numerous vaccinations available to protect us against numerous infectious diseases. We have systems in place to help us with respect to environmental health. We have an infrastructure in place that supports those who need medical care and can receive it (relatively) free of charge. Canada (along with numerous countries) have benefited from this significantly and that's something that as a country we should be proud of. 
    Let me ask you then... how do you think we've got to this point? You've mentioned the importance of research, which I definitely agree with and fully support. Who is the one that helps administer the treatments? Who is out there investigating the cause of illness? Who keeps the hospitals running as physicians continue to retire and the next generation of physicians take up the mantle? As someone who is invested in public health and preventative medicine (a specialty that I'm considering for CaRMS), I like to joke that when public health and health care is working, people have the luxury of saying "there's no problem." We see this already with decreasing vaccination trends as people have forgotten the terrors of the diseases that we vaccinate against. Yet, to keep the system going, we need thousands of people (including physicians) to keep the system running and address a shift in the obstacles that face our health system and new contemporary issues that will arise. 
    Ex. We may need more psychiatrists and people in the mental health system as cannabis use increases (among many other things we may need....)
    Ex. We always need physicians (rural or urban) to help address the determinants of health among First Nations communities 
    Ex. We will need physicians still to help in addressing the difficulties of addictions medicine and management 
    Ex. We will need physicians to address the top non-communicable diseases that are still rampant in Canada (Cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, cancers), all of which has increased in their disease burden as a consequence to the changing demographic of our society (higher average age, less decreased acute conditions causing immediate death, etc)
    Ex. There's still a shortage of family physicians throughout the country despite the apparent "health" our society suggests. 
    Ex. We need physicians for involvement in occupational injuries and prevention (ex. family physicians, occupational medicine physicians, orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, etc) 
    Ex. We will need physicians to be involved in the aging population and increasing burden in geriatrics (which I understand is something you don't want to do and that's fine)
    Ex. We will need physicians that wish to play a bigger role in the continued preservation and improvement to our health and further develop the foundations of health care and address certain causes of disease (specifically, public health physicians/medical officers of health) 
    As you can see, despite your assertion there's still so much work to be done for physicians. Despite how apparently healthy our community is, the shifts in disease burden and demographics mean that new problems will arise and we have a responsibility to do our part in addressing these difficult issues. I won't speak specifically about compensation/pay as I find people have their own preferences for this but as a whole... physicians in general (regardless of what they do) don't live in a box down the street. There's still so much work to be done and as physicians we have the opportunity to play in all levels, from an individual to global level of care. There's never a shortage of work to improve the collective health of our society.
    I can tell you would likely agree with the preventative aspect as you've touched on that in point 3, but...  
    This is a point I personally dislike not because it don't acknowledge the importance of research and novel treatment + prevention strategies in health care, but how it devalues the work done by others. This is actually an unfortunately common theme in health care. Specialists look down on family doctors. Doctors looking down on nurses. Surgeons looking down on other specialties, etc. I still remember a situation where in my interactions with another resident who pursued a specialty more focused on prevention that her internal medicine colleagues asked "why was she wasting her talents to do [specialty]?" (as if any of the specialties are a "waste of time"). All roles are important at different stages of the health care spectrum. Just because research is arguably at the forefront as they develop the treatments we use today doesn't mean we discredit the "caretaker role" (which is very distasteful to to implicitly disrespect like in the post). The point also discredits the difficulties physicians have in generating a differential diagnosis with often limited information and the complexities associated with patient care..... there's hundreds of things that can be wrong with someone that has "Abdominal pain" that it takes skill to integrate the information you learn to apply it in an arguably uncertain setting. Furthermore, just because you have the knowledge and developed the treatment, doesn't detract from the skill that's required to resuscitate patients in acute care settings (like EM, ICU/critical care, surgery, etc). I would be honored to be a "caretaker" just as much as I would be honored being a researcher developing the newest treatments.
    At the end of the day your choice is your choice but I hope for others reading this post that you don't discount the amazing things we can do for not only our future patients but also for society as a whole if we put our minds to it. 
    Best wishes everyone and have a good day, 
    - G  
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    smac reacted to IMislove in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    Especially with our ever increasing aging population, increasing morbidity and mortality that follow with it. And mental illness being such a big thing in young people. Medicine is definitely not in decline. But I see what you are trying to do,  especially in being proud of yourself even if Medicine isn’t for you. That’s perfectly okay, getting medicine shouldn’t be seen as a success or failure if you don’t. Just one of many paths to go. Best of luck in your path.
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    smac reacted to Baljinderthecrow in A Cautionary Tale: 7 years as a premed gunner with an A average & Why I chose Money over medicine   
    I found your post to be very interesting, and respect your opinions. That being said, I disagree with some of the things you said. I don't see medicine as a "dying" career. Also, what are you doing now? Are you running your own business, still in school, or are you a researcher? And where do you see yourself in the next 5-10 years?
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    smac reacted to Rabeprazole in Help - Submitted ABS but haven't received confirmation   
    That's if you "Submit a New Message". If I'm not mistaken, that doesn't apply to uploading a document.
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    smac reacted to TClooney in Meeting CASPER cutoff   
    I spoke to admissions today and they said emails have already been sent out to people who did not make the casper cutoff. So if you have not received an email that is a good thing. 
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    smac reacted to Rabeprazole in About You Section   
    Also wondering about this section. I feel like this is where you would talk about big life events that you may have had to go through (ex. illness, death in the family/friend group, adverse experiences), however I'm not sure if mundane situations are meant for this (ex. missing a flight, bone fracture, etc).
    Does anyone have any ideas or is comfortable with sharing the topic of what they talked about? That would help with getting an idea of whether we should approach this section. I feel that the title of the section "About You" may be misleading and I don't want to dramatize any challenges I may have faced. 
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    smac reacted to SLC6A4 in About You Section   
    I talked about a serious illness of a close family member and how it made me want to become a physician. I really don’t think you should mention anything trivial here
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    smac reacted to MedCoachMD in About You Section   
    Definitely don't miss the opportunity to write something about yourself here! Your ABS just shows what you have done officially, but does not describe your personality.
    As mentioned above, focus on an experience/story that lets us learn something insightful about you! Make it unique so you catch the attention of the reader.
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    smac reacted to Baljinderthecrow in Verifier for awards   
    Who/what do I put as a verifier for my awards? These area all listed on my transcript, but OMSAS requires me to input a verifier. Is it possible to use a certificate as a verifier? 
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    smac reacted to iSpawnTrapInMW2 in Verifier for awards   
    I just put the office of the registrar as they handle all awards at my university and they would be able to verify them if contacted. 
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    smac got a reaction from Edict in Question about Alberta Residency   
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    smac reacted to Roronoaa in Question about Alberta Residency   
    As long as you move 1 year before classes start you will be considered a resident. You might have to provide some proof (lease, bank statements, employment etc..) so be prepared for that. 
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    smac got a reaction from Persephone in Feedback letters   
    For anyone that is interested the OOP Average Interview Scores were CGPA= 3.94 (max 4.0) ECs= 8.00 (max=12) and MCAT Score= 129.63 (max 132) 
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    smac reacted to Rahvin13 in Should I Do a Second Undergrad   
    Dal rounds gpa to the 10th when calculating, so your gpa there will already be 3.9, and ‘high 80’s’ usually means 3.9 depending on the school so that’s not going to change your gpa for Dal.
    What province are you IP for? Are you Swomen? Do you have a maritime connection for Dal?
    Just looking at academic stats I’d say competitive for Queens, and UWO if swomen. If not swomen the 128 in cars would make you ineligible. For Mac I think you’d need a pretty good Casper. Gpa probably not competitive for UoT and Ottawa. 3.9 is competitive OOP for Dal and so is your mcat (I think that would get you 22/25 on academic raw score)
    Personally I’d try to get a higher CARS score before I took on a whole second undergrad but that’s just me. 
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    smac reacted to jr2 in Should I Do a Second Undergrad   
    I really don't think a 2nd undergrad is worth it after a master's degree. Why would you want to subject yourself to that misery? Especially since your 2 year GPA is strong. It is NOT worth it in my view. That's so much money and time gone. Why don't you apply to jobs across Canada and try to work/live in a province that favors your application strengths. During that period you can re-take the MCAT to improve CARS.
    If you have the money to go down south, submit some apps this time around and see what happens. If it doesn't pan out, don't beat yourself up over it. Work, enjoy your life and have fun while you're young. Life is too short to memorize useless details from long-winded psychology textbooks at 2 in the morning, hoping that it makes a slight bump in your GPA. The wasted time, money and brain space of an undergraduate degree is more than enough the first time around...at least it was for me.  
    My final message:  Look up different schools across Canada, research their policies/stats, choose one that favors your application and try to set up work in that province to eventually qualify as IP. Warning: schools can change their IP policies without notice, so this isn't a guarantee, but anything beats wasting more time in Ontario. Good luck!  
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    smac reacted to rmorelan in Western panel interview   
    oh some of those are on the web as sample questions - I mean the classic one is quick tell me what kind of vegetable you would want to be and why? or role playing scenarios similar to some MMI questions - you hit a car and the person is furious with you about it and you have to deal with that etc.
    the point is examples aren't really all that useful in a sense directly as the entire point is it will be a novel stressful situation - the content is completely meaningless- I don't care that you want to be a carrot - I want to know that you don't fold under pressure, because medicine is a stressful job and you are under pressure all the time.
    I can also use it to test you for communication skills, empathy etc.
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