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  1. You would need to provide a pretty good reason for the deferral. I know the faculty has done this is the past but you would need a pretty extenuating circumstance (like major family issue).
  2. You'll be notified when general acceptances go out. As for your chances of acceptance, depends on how many people decline their acceptances. My year there were quite a few who got in off the waitlist, but class of 2019 had no one get in off the waitlist. Also UofA won't let you know what your position on the waitlist is.
  3. ^ This is the right thing to do. Just email Chris and she will tell you what GPA they used for the application.
  4. My entrance GPA was 3.81 and I think the lowest entrance gpa in our class was around 3.6. So very possible, just need a good dat and interview.
  5. Yeah Hammerhead is right. I think last year they came out around June 28th, that being said the dates can change year to year.
  6. I think last year early acceptances were around May 18th
  7. Well everybody, early acceptances for the UofA DDS 2021 class should be coming out pretty soon. For all those accepted here is the class fb page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/1514349881908667/ Just a reminder for anyone who doesn't hear back for early acceptances in May, there are still the general acceptances and waitlist which come out in the first few weeks of July. As in previous years feel free to use this thread to post stats, ect... PS. Congratulations to all those who are accepted can't wait to meet you all!!
  8. Hey everyone on Premed101. I'm a member of the UofA DDS 2020 orientation week committee. Just heard the invites for interviews have started to go out, so we thought it would be a good idea to start a thread for all the interviewees to set up rides, get information about the interview and maybe (because I know its what this page is for) compare scores. Good luck to all those invited, the class of 2020 will be helping at the interviews so I hope to see you all in March.
  9. Ahhh haha ok sorry I didn't understand your question, hope I didn't sound like an ass. I honestly don't know, there is the advanced placement admissions but it says on the UofA site that they begin as third years. I really doubt the university would want to offer an admission spot to someone they already sent a rejection letter, so maybe they would accept an international transfer or a Canadian studying abroad? Haha sorry I don't have a better answer again. Anyone on this thread actually know the answer to this??
  10. You mean if people decided to decline? Well then this thread would be absolutely blowing up, unless of course everyone accepted off waitlist doesn't follow this forum. The last day for acceptance forms was the 12th of July, so there should be movement soon. I think previously on this thread there were about 3 people who said they were dropping their spot and only 1 person said they got in off the waitlist, so as long as this forum is accurate there should hopefully be a couple of spots left. Anyways if your sitting on the waitlist (and for all the other guys sitting on the waitlist) let
  11. Accepted!!! Been waiting a long time to say that. IP GPA: 3.81 DAT: 69 Interview: 38 Didn't think I had a shot with my GPA... Holy shit I'm in.
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