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  1. I had a question for those physicians/residents who are married or planning to marry someone who is not a physician. I read that in this situation, if there is a divorce, then the physician will likely be paying the following to his/her ex: (1) half of savings/assets, (2) alimony, which could be $2000-3000 per month for as long as the marriage lasted, or in some cases FOR LIFE, and (3) half the value of the medical license (which could be worth $500K-1M). Now, I am 100% believer in happily ever after and don't intend on my (potential) future marriage (which I'm not thinking about tbh
  2. Hi all, I need advice. I've applied for the 4th time this year with a 3.91 GPA and 32 MCAT (10/10/12) in Ontario. The first two attempts, I had no interviews. The next two, I had 2 interviews each year. I practiced a lot - with family/friends, with professionals, with med students - and I get positive feedback from everyone about my interview skills. My interviews went really really well this year - I know I couldn't have done better, and I got rejected again post-interview. I would consider applying out of province, but I didn't take some of the pre-requirements (i.e. English), so sch
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