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  1. Does anyone know if there's a DMD Facebook group for 2023? I know there's a med one that was recently created...
  2. J'attends toujours pour udem... what's up? C'est étrange que j'ai tjrs rien recu...
  3. I got an interview invite for Queen's about two weeks ago? I didn't complete it so I don't know what happens next...
  4. Dans mon expérience, 99% portent le suit complet, mais une chemise + cravate peut suffire. Ça dépend de toi.
  5. Pour avoir la côte, on envoit un courriel à Sandra?
  6. Adding to the above comment, shadowing dentists gives you a pretty good idea of what an actual dentist operates like, how each run their own practices and how they interact with patients. It's really important to get this experience as much as possible, because you can learn a lot from them, and many are eager to mentor you. Schools may not explicitly look at __hours shadowed (although I know they do this in the States), but your shadowing experiences are definitely where you can pull valuable lessons and things you may want to mention during the interviews. When you shadow, it's a lot more th
  7. Convocation universitaire, aucune idee du CRU mais udem med me donne un 34.9
  8. La première vague de reponse est sortie le 20-25 mars
  9. J'ai été acceptée en dentaire à McGill, et c'est mon premier choix! Je préfère donner la chance à qqun d'autre!
  10. Ah merci! Bonne chance à tous, je laisse ma place aux trois universités!
  11. Les convocations sortent en vagues? Jusqu'à quand?
  12. Vous savez si il y a un boost pour bac complété vs. en cours?
  13. The deadline for deposit/confirmation is April 3rd, so I don't think anything will move before that.
  14. Accepted to Cork 4 years in early March but did not accept because I received an offer from McGill!
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