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  1. From my experience, writing it in person was ideal because the exam is so long and basically a test of endurance. There are a lot of questions to complete before getting your first break after 4 hours and I felt that being in that "testing environment" really helped me stay focused and gave me the willpower to finish the sections. Had I done the exam at home with all of the noise and distractions, I don't think I would have been able to finish or perform as well. The test center also provides noise cancelling headphones which was cool as well.
  2. It's because a lot of the QC FM programs are based in the outskirts of major metropolitan areas. One of the mandates of the QC government is to try and promote health of communities in rural areas and this is not attractive to most as many desire to return to cities after their residencies. When you apply for your permanency practice license (PREM), the chances of you coming back to practice closer to these metropolitan areas are much more difficult and as a result, many do not find this attractive. As a result, there are a lot of positions that remain vacant.
  3. My school doesn't offer a 5th year and provides zero support if you decide to go unmatched for a year. That being said, most of my unmatched colleagues were extremely proactive in finding their own opportunities and matched into specialties like internal, ophthalmo, vascular surgery and orthopedics. I foresee more and more unmatched students using the gap year to end up in the specialty they desire in the future as it is proving to be a successful way to get what you want.
  4. When can we expect the official stats for the CaRMS 2021 season as a whole now that the second iteration is complete?
  5. Also those stats don't take into account the people who apply for IM and then get 0 interviews and can't even rank it as their first choice specialty as well as those who parallel plan with IM as a backup. So the real number is actually much higher than what we see here.
  6. Residency Program Matched to : Internal Medicine (2021 match cycle) Previously Unmatched: Yes (2020 match cycle - IM) Region: QC
  7. Hello fellow Premed101 people, Another CaRMS season has come and gone and I congratulate all of you who matched to their top choice residency programs! After years of sacrifice and hard-work, you have finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. It would seem that this finish line represents just the beginning of a new and exciting chapter in your lives! On the flip side, every year, there are incredible candidates who are not as lucky and don't end up matching to any residencies at all. Countless times, again and again, we see this unfortunate trend as some residency programs
  8. Please message me. You are not alone. There are many people who can help you overcome this. This is not the end!
  9. UWorld is an incredible learning resource but will break the bank (still worth every penny imo). People from last year told me that it's really over the top for the LMCC, which was very similar to the questions in Canada QBanks. I think if you're planning on writing both the LMCC/Step 2 CK back to back (as many choose to do), it is definitely a wise investment. If you're writing the exam in a month from now, it might not seem worth it to you because there's over 3800 questions in the bank and they really go into detail with their explanations. You might not have time to cover everything b
  10. These are the punchlines that give the email a negative connotation, especially if an email like this has not been sent out in previous years. It could also be the result of years of push from previous no match years telling their faculty that they are not receiving the support they deserve and this is a new way of respecting them. Would you be able to provide this email that way we can compare between the two?
  11. wow @bearded frog you really are the stats master of premed101 forums Thanks for this
  12. A random question popped into my mind today: Do approximate quota numbers for residency program positions ever change between the opening of a CaRMS season and match day? I'm guessing with reversions placed into the match algorithm this is how it would change?
  13. So that would mean that it's very easy for them to modify if ever a mistake is found right?
  15. It all comes down to what YOU want to do in life. 1 year off to possibly have that chance to do exactly what you want to do isn't very long in the grand scheme of things when you have a career that will span over 30 years. Going unmatched will definitely provide you with more opportunities if you are proactive in finding them that will increase your chances for next year, especially if you don't have any red flags going in to begin with
  16. So does it basically come down to Letters of Reference and CV for the super competitive programs? I was specifically told that MSPR was highly valued for IM programs.
  17. I would like to add that as someone who didn't match last year, my "year off" was one of the best things that ever happened to me and it seriously improved my opportunities and interview selection and quality this year. Going unmatched is not the end of the world, it just makes you stronger and allows you to be exposed to things that you probably never even considered before. Feel free to message me if ever you want to hear a positive story.
  18. Every program has a big meeting and unfortunately for those big programs, it becomes more of an aggregate score between your file ranking and your interview, making the process more informal. For example if you received a 7 for your file and an 8 for your interview, the scores will be added together and the candidates ranked based on the highest to lowest of these. I'm guessing that comments are reviewed and standouts are taken into account as well. Every selection committee operates differently and there are for sure clear cut guidelines that differ from program to program. The p
  19. Would 100% NOT recommend. It sends all of the wrong signals and will not change your outcome if the decision has already been rendered. At this point, program selection committees hold what is called the infamous "BIG MEETING" directly after the interviews. It is a very lengthy one where all selection members discuss ALL candidates and rank them based on their final impressions. If this has already occurred (which you have no way of knowing unless you've got insider juice) there's no point sending your message. At this point, accept that you've done the best that you could and that t
  20. Hello there, I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into the pros and cons of the 4 Quebec Gen Surg programs (Laval, McGill, Sherbrooke and UdeM) It's starting to become very difficult to make the rank order list and was looking into what are the stand outs from each Thanks
  21. Congrats to all for surviving interview week 2 / 3 Only 1 more week of hustle and it's over guys
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