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  1. Not sure if this is any help, but I too am from a very low income family and received a small bursary (~2.5k).
  2. Western sends out class full emails, but they have been sent out late August in past years. Also, I've heard of people in the past getting accepted in August, but it's very rare, and as you said, it would be best to start preparing for next cycle.
  3. Considering that they just dropped CARS from 130 to 129 (although to be fair, 130 was ridiculous), I would personally be surprised if they dropped it again.
  4. It is acceptable. Two of my references were from the same volunteer organization that I've been with for ~10 years, and my application wasn't affected negatively. However, I did feel that my references were going to be able to touch on most of the canmeds, so I was comfortable with my decision.
  5. @SunAndMoon is a prophet. All those days counting blue cars led to this.
  6. How do you receive the speaker? Do they give it to you on the spot? Honestly, it seems like every bank has similar terms except TD is throwing in the extra speakers which is what persuaded me
  7. Oh wow. I did not know that you could apply to medical schools while you are in pharmacy. Is this the case with other professional schools as well? (Dental, law, etc.)
  8. Has anyone heard anything about waitlist movement so far?
  9. I got off the waitlist but I'm also on the high waitlist for western. I'm gonna wait to see if I end up in london or windsor before making a decision.
  10. From what I hear (from MANY people), your interview is significantly more important than your gpa or mcat scores. I mean, the mcat cutoffs are already pretty ridiculous for Western, and it would be hard to differentiate between candidates. My friend interviewed at Western 3 times, and he finally got in this year. Low waitlisted the first two times, and accepted to london this year. His gpa and mcat are near the cutoffs. All three years he had the same GPA and MCAT, but he really took the time to prep for interviews this time. I personally would not take the risk to rewrite, because I don
  11. I love your positive mindset. It was a pleasure to get to know you, and no matter what happens, I wish the best for you.
  12. Judging by previous years, 2 weeks seems right. I told myself if I got a high waitlist I'd be happy and not paranoid, but here I am already wondering if this is the year that the high waitlist doesn't clear.Well I guess it'll be another 2 weeks of dank memes with sauna atleast
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