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  1. Looking forward to seeing you there (although my secret identity as Chillz will not be revealed LOL) - welcome and enjoy the Views from 500! #drizzy
  2. Hit up the "Accepted 2017" thread for U of T, myself and a fellow U of T Student answered a bunch of Qs in-depth.
  3. Sup, Fellow OT1 at U of T (although I've admittedly been trolling a couple other threads - not trolling this time though!) and mild acquaintance of Mr. ToBeOT. Unless you're doing a Northern/International Placement (both dope opportunities if you're interested), everything is accessible by public transit and the fieldwork coordinators do their best to not put you in an absolutely ridiculous travel situation. None of my colleagues in OT1 has had to move out of necessity to reach their respective placements for Fieldwork 1. In terms of research, yeah, that's a pretty large part of the
  4. I got my rejection email from Mac the day of at midnight (along with all the Ls, RIP), so hoping for better this time around (Not just Mac, I'll take whatever LOL)! Hoping my 3.93 GPA from undergrad w/ a year of added Rehab Experience on top of my 300 hours from last year gets the job done! For all you first time applying, don't give up if PT/OTs is really where you want to be - hoping my resolve pays off.
  6. Sup Psych_OT, Current U of T OT Student here. Your GPA looks pretty competitive and with regards to your experience, it's really about how you sell yourself. You've definitely got a lot of great things with a decent amount of variety in terms of populations and settings on your resume, but it'll be up to how you structure your application and really relate that to OT that separates a good applicant from a crappy one. I get that you're worried reading other people's posts, but don't stress about the experience of others and worry about what you can control. Do some research on OT, and sell
  7. Harambe jokes at U of T OT aren't funny, if that's what you're interested in
  8. I'm so shocked your hair isn't insured for $10,000
  9. You're way sexier in person than I ever imagined. <3
  10. Queen's is my only PT choice at the moment, but I'd love to be enlightened in the case something else opens up. I'd love some honest feedback about the quality and atmosphere of the program.
  11. I feel ya. I actually have a friend who got into Queen's w/ below a 3.66, but she's also probably got over 500+ hrs of relevant experience with a variety of clinical populations. Marks obviously get your foot in the door, but if you can show a university like Queen's that your heart is set on the profession through experiences, it definitely goes a long way. Congrats to everyone and head up to anyone who got their heart broken today - I hope it just makes you that much hungrier in your pursuit of your dreams.
  12. Gonna be 5 once I turn it down homie, don't worry #onestepcloser EDIT: Make that #3 LOL
  13. Accepted into Queen's PT/OT, U of T OT, Mac OT. cGPA 3.80; subGPA 3.73 I saw a lot of you guys had way higher marks than I did and got rejected by Queen's. Just so you know, I've got about 200 hrs of work experience in a rehab clinic under a PT, TA'd 1st year Anatomy for two years and volunteered in the dissection lab of my university for a year. On top of that, I currently work w/ children w/ disabilities. I've actually taken a gap year and it definitely allowed me to gain some more experience which I'm sure was the differentiating factor in my application.
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