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  1. Also had a lot more verifiers contacted than previous cycle. Perhaps the reinstatement of early deadline this year (which also happened to be much "earlier" than previous early deadlines) freed up some resources for UBC Adcom to do more stringent checks?
  2. @Insomnia What did you mean by verification status? and where can I find that on OMSAS?
  3. Hi. I am looking for MMI prep partner via Skype. I am currently in PST, but would be happy to work around the timezones! Msg me if you are interested
  4. Also interested if you guys are still looking for another member!
  5. Not really, but I did max out for all categories, which might be why?
  6. Anyone have a LOT more verifier contacted than 7? As far as I know 11 of mine have been contacted so far.. I hope this isn't some red flag D= In the past, it's always been 3~7 ish..
  7. Ooh I'm not sure - I can't imagine there being a big lag though, since everything's done electronically through their system and update should be more or less immediate? I would just gently follow up with the referee tomorrow!
  8. Hello! Does anyone know if the status of mailed references gets updated on OMSAS (not SAM - I haven't submitted my application yet)? All of my electronic references are showing up as "Reference received" but I'm not seeing the same update for the mailed reference (right now there's a "download" button). I know this has been mailed off & received according to mail tracking, but I can't help but be irrationally worried! Would appreciate any insight on this. Thank you
  9. @medhopeful2018, @al301330 When did you guys submit your applications?
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