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  1. Depends which province. But overall, I would say pre-tax (post-overhead) of 300k+ is high for an urban setting (maybe 20% of FP earn that)
  2. I'm an AB FM R2. Average here is 330k/yr before overhead (including only those grossing >60k/yr). It's the highest in Canada due to the more favorable fee structure.
  3. In general what I've seen in AB is seasoned optometrists making 120-140k/yr and starting at 80+/yr. The conversation here seems to be skewing towards best case scenario optometrist pay and low-end family medicine pay. In AB for example average pay for Family docs only doing clinic is 330/yr. If you add in hospitalist which is very lucrative, or many other sources of lucrative supplemental income (derm, urgent care/rural emerg, etc.) that number quickly goes up. It's also much easier to do those things versus owning and operating a private optometry clinic/franchise. Just my 2c :).
  4. I have a question regarding this. If you are a salaried (whether for an academic position, or purely clinical), is incorporation totally off the table? Can you only incorporate fees billed outside of a salary (FFS, blended capitation, etc.)?
  5. Palliative! Very limited evidence/new specialty, so for example approach to symptom control in advanced disease can require complex interventions (meds, procedures, psychosocial approaches, etc) that are unique to each patient.
  6. What haven't you liked if you don't mind me asking?
  7. So residents can't reference the ranges they hasve heard from multiple staff? Are residents disallowed from this conversation? I agree that referencing where the numbers come from is a good idea. Plus the word "easily" implies that given the number of consults they see (undoubtedly hard) the return they see is easily 3-5k. It doesnt imply its easy to make that. From an outsider's perspective you seem upset which doesn't help further the conversation. Your points would be better taken if stated with respect.
  8. woah, do you mean net after overhead AND income tax? If so, thats remarkable and very sustainable workload. How many patients do you see per day? What's your overhead?
  9. Yes it costs ~$1000/yr, but if you can claim it for taxes, what difference does that payment make? Better to just pay it and maintain the benefits listed here no?
  10. Anyone have any idea of palliative care salaries in different parts of Canada? Considering it as a future career and this information would be very helpful!
  11. I am a family medicine resident in Edmonton. Here, there are plenty of +1s who work exclusively geriatrics. They tend to make more than regular FPs. I've also seen them work in as much capacities as geriatricians. It seems here, and in many other parts of Canada, they are considered equivalent as far as scope (internal residency prepares you better for acute patients and research theoretically, but it hasn't affected the scope of practice here). It's true if you can see yourself in family medicine, go for the +1 route. If you prefer internal medicine and inpatients, go the internal route. How
  12. I'm a R1 in FM. For me, I've found medicine to be a great deal. I find fun and meaning in what I do. Sure as a resident the hours can be long and the demands taxing, and I don't always feel this way. Still, there have been enough breaks in my schedule to maintain my personal life and health. Also, the pay as a staff and the "prestige" of the field, as well as the incredible job market and stability of FM, makes me feel like its a great deal. That is just my experience :).
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