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    Yup, you should definitely make your choice based on compatibility because the program that is more suitable for you is where you will thrive! Note that things like city/location, scholarships/money, friends, etc. should also be considered. 
    Also, feel free to ask any questions about Guelph My favourite thing is the community; people hold doors for you from 50m away, campus organizations/police hand out study snacks/timbits during finals, there are guide dog puppies everywhere, and there are so many support systems and resources available to you. It's a great atmosphere.
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    I would recommend going to Guelph, Mac Life Sci is a pretty difficult program from which to get into med school. I don't think either is easier, but I have heard great things about anatomy at Guelph. Unfortunately, only Mac Health Scis get access to a solid anatomy course at Mac. Anatomy is useful once you get into medical school.
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    I go to Guelph and can tell you that it's not any easier to achieve a high GPA here. Our class averages, at least in typical "premed" classes, tend to be the same or lower as other schools (based on what I've heard from my friends at other universities). That said, a healthy work ethic and good study habits will set you up for success no matter where you go. 
    Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions about Guelph bio sci/biomed or Guelph in general!
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    Prestige is less than useless.
    Speaking from experience, excellent time & stress management skills together with good study skills, knowing your priorities, avoiding distractions, being motivated always, thereby keeping your eye on the goal and a strong work ethic treating your academics professionally is absolutely required (combined with ECs/volunteering demonstrating altruism and CanMEDS competencies).
    Taking a program you are passionate about will result in higher grades. You want to live with no regrets.   
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