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  1. Has anyone heard from the Queens OT Wait list?
  2. Does anyone know if they have started contacting people on the Queen's OT wait list? And how many people are on the wait list?
  3. I appreciate your advice and for letting me know about your experiences. I will take it into consideration
  4. Does anyone know how many people are on the Queen's OT wait list and when they start to contact people on the wait list?
  5. So I guess I will start I have been accepted into the McMaster accelerated nursing program and I am at a cross road of deciding to do the program and applying to medical school after my 1st year or instead do 1 year of undergrad and get a double major in psychology. I recently decided to apply to medical school (this was after I sent in my application to nursing) after spending this year doing clinical research at the hospital and working along side Doctors, it was at that point that I wanted to make the same impact on patients. My biggest concern of taking the accelerated nursing pro
  6. Hi Everyone, This forum is for anyone that is in thinking of applying to the accelerated nursing program/accepted into the accelerated nursing program/completed the nursing program AND is then thinking of applying to medical school/accepted/currently in medical school or completed medical school. I would appreciate any advice from anyone that completed the accelerated nursing program and applied to medical school. What are your thoughts about taking this path? Did this path work with you? And how are the nursing credits accepted into Med Schools specifically Ontario Schools.
  7. Yes! I want the answer to this question too!
  8. Do you know how many people are on the Queen's OT Waitlist?
  9. Yes!!!! I am on the waitlist too! Do you know how many people are on the wait list?
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