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  1. Hi all, Looking for some tips to make myself more competitive for +1 EM. About halfway through my PGY1 year and have found that I really like it but have no prior experiences that show that. Should I be doing research? Does anyone have any recommendations? TIA!
  2. I'm also feeling this depression. I decided to rank location over speciality and it burned me. I matched to my top location but not my top speciality, when ranking I truly thought I would be happy in either speciality. But since the match I've just been sad everyday thinking of the would've, could've, should've. I thought that I would be happy to stay with my partner, family and friends but now that the match is done I just feel major regret.
  3. School interviewing at: UBC Specialty: Family Medicine Current interview date: January 24 at 1:45 Date would like to switch to: January 24- any earlier interview! Any additional notes: Cutting it hella close to my flight
  4. Hi all, I know its a bit early to be concerned with what to do in the summer, but I am just curious how others filled their summers while in med school. I do not want to do research, and I'd ideally like to travel with some clinical exposure. Unfortunately, I did not get placed with any IFMS-CFMS placements, so I am looking for alternatives. Open to any suggestions! Thanks
  5. Accepted off the wait list to St.George!! Time stamp: Wednesday, May 25. 2:20 PM GPA: unweighted 3.78 wGPA: unsure but prob ~3.85 MCAT: 10B/9V/10P ECs: Average...lots of sports, research and employment entries. Also long term clinical volunteering and exec on multiple clubs. Essays: Felt really great about them, got 2 med students and 2 PhDs to read over and edit. Took me about 2 weeks overall, tried to incorporate from CanMeds as much as I could without overkilling it. Interviews: Felt pretty good about 3/4, the last one felt kind of meh. My greatest advice is to practice practice prac
  6. I got in yesterday as well! Timestamp: 2:20. Good luck to everyone still waiting to hear back!!
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