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  1. which masters program are you starting?
  2. Has anyone completed, or starting an MPH at Uoft in September?
  3. So I am allowed to do a masters, then come back and complete a special year if I choose to do so, and that will count towards UWOs policies?
  4. 6th year GPA 3.86 with the 3/5 course requirements. I unfortunately applied for graduation, as I received an offer of admission to the MPH program at Western and UofT. I'm not too sure whether to start the masters program in fall, then apply to medical school the year after. But at the same time, I'm not too sure if my GPA would allow for it. If I complete a special year, Queen's would accept that into their 2 year consideration?
  5. Hi My mcat scores are meeting the minimum cutoffs, but my GPA is lacking. I only have one year that is above the 3.7 cutoff and that is my 6th year. Would I be eligible to complete a special year, then apply or should I just give up on applying for medical school.
  6. Does anyone have any insights on the following anatomy cell biology courses: 4451 and 4452. I'm not too sure which one to take for the school year.
  7. Would you recommend classics 2200. I'm in need of a first year or second year course, that can help my semester out. I'll be taking some heavy physiology courses during the school year?
  8. Hi everyone I'm planning on applying to med at queens this year. However I will be entering my fifth year during this school year to up my GPA. Would it be suitable to take courses in regards to the UWO med school policy: 3/5 course load. Such that can I still apply with taking a first year course and a few second year courses with the rest in the higher levels? Thanks
  9. With western mentioning a 3/5 rule, and Dal and queens not mentioning anything about required courses. Would it be ideal to take a first year course in one's fifth/sixth year. Also would taking 3 second year courses look bad? What would be the ideal number of first or second year courses to take in ones fifth/sixth year.
  10. Thank you to everyone for your insights. I do agree that my grades are definitely weak, and sure I won't be fit for medical school. Truthfully, if I did put in effort, I perhaps could've gotten a better GPA. But I decided to pull all nighters for all of my exams, hoping that I could at least pass them. This year I changed my habits, studying at least a few weeks before finals, but sadly I was not able to write one exam, which in turn resulted me to do poorly in a course, thus affecting my 4th year GPA. All in all. Would you suggest for me to do a second degree or a 5th/6th year. How ar
  11. The marks indicated are rough estimates of my GPA in that specific mentioned year.
  12. So taking additional years would not make you a potential candidate? I was hoping an additional two years would make be a better candidate especially for Ottawa, Queens, Dalhousie and Western. My 1st and 2nd year ~ 2.7, 3rd year ~3.0 and 4th year ~3.5. I was hoping a 5th and 6th year could get me a ~3.8. It may be unlikely, but I'd like to give it a shot.
  13. I have already taken healthcare law and I really don't enjoy taking classics courses.
  14. She teaches 3316 and used to teach 3597. I honestly am not a big fan of her methods of teaching. Truth be told, I barely went to her classes but managed a low 90, however if I did go to class, I definitely would have done better. The material is dry in the beginning, but its not too difficult. I guess the easiness of the course, caused me to not attend class. But there is not much of her research on the midterm to say, just lecture material. But on the final exam, she had one question from her own research, but she taught a lecture on it. Truth be told, its not a hard course at all, as long as
  15. I would suggest taking Biology 3592 and 3598. The content for both the courses are pretty interesting and straightforward. Biology 3598 has a midterm and final. Weekly quizzes and a group presentation. All in all a 90 is definitely possible for that course. The professor is pretty specific with certain expectations, but it is definitely not hard to do well in her course. For 3592 there are weekly quizzes, but the exams are very straightforward. How was Biology 3338?
  16. Do you know of any third or fourth year courses?
  17. Hi guys! I'm looking for some courses that can help me get a good GPA.
  18. Chemistry 2211 was a lot more difficult this year, than in the past. Biology 3592 and even 3598 were great courses. Very easy to do well in those two courses.
  19. My university marks have not been the greatest, however I started an upward trend. Would completing a fifth and a sixth year make medical schools to reject you on the spot? Also, for verification, only Western, Queens and Dalhousie look at the last two years, with only Ottawa with the last three years? Thanks
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