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  1. That helped so much, thank you!!! Best of luck to you in the next cycle!
  2. Thank you for sharing! May I ask where/what you did your undergrad in? How would you compare your masters to your undergrad? How did you pick your electives and practicums? Sorry for all the questions! Answer only if you're comfortable Thanks again!
  3. Thank you for your insight! I'm super excited about doing this MPH in the fall but I haven't been able to find anyone who has detailed their experience. It's great to hear your colleagues are doing well and I hope you are too!
  4. I'm planning to do an MPH before I reapply to medical school. I'm a little nervous about what this MPH will be like. Is there anyone here that can tell me their experiences doing an MPH Epidemiology at UofT? Did you like it? Did it better equip you for med school? What was the course load like? The practicums? Anything would be so helpful, thank you!
  5. This gives me a bit of reassurance, thanks! If I may ask: By top 10 items, do you mean entries for the ABS? How were you able to divide your jobs into that many items?
  6. I do. I realise it's not rainbows and cookies. It's going to be hard. I'm going to run around like crazy, not have time to eat, plunged into a debt that I may barely, if ever, crawl out from, and then have to do this all over again for residency, and fight for 10 years straight (at least) before I get my license to practice.
  7. Oh! I didn't think my work would level the field a bit, sorry for not mentioning it. I did work a lot, but the job itself isn't very impressive or clinically related (a server). I do interact with people constantly on the job, but I guess it will depend on how much I can sell myself. I still appreciate your honesty in the last post. I don't have people around me to give me that kind of response. I will work harder to make myself a more competitive applicant!
  8. Thanks for the input! My OMSAS GPA is a 3.82. My wGPA for UofT is a 3.9. I'm going into my fourth year now. I believe my LoRs will be very good (a professor who genuinely wants his students to do well, a MD/PhD (assistant prof) that I shadowed in his clinic and was a research assistant for (the one summer), and my boss from work as a non-academic reference (who also happens to hold a science degree and tutors students so I believe in his writing skills). I plan on trying to apply for on-campus responders this year (honestly didn't know this existed until a week ago) and to a se
  9. I truly appreciate your honesty. I used to volunteer in hospitals when I was in high school, but they barely make the cut-off of "within 5 years" and I have done NO ECs during my undergrad because my family was in a bad financial situation so I worked to help pay for my own education, transit and expenses. I plan to apply to volunteer in a health clinic, but these won't make it onto my ABS by the time I submit my application.
  10. Hi guys, So of course I would love to get into medical school on the first try, but to be completely honest with myself, my application is severely lacking. (No ECs, No volunteering, One summer of research, No pubs, No Submissions, Average GPA, writing MCAT next month). I would be devastated if I don't get in, but I wouldn't be all that surprised. I know this is really what I want to do, so even if it takes me 3+ tries, I'll do it. What should I do with my time until reapplying the year after? (Or for the 2-3 years it takes me to get in?) I was thinking about applying to colle
  11. Hi, So say I had the opportunity to spend the summer doing research, but the PI just happens to be married to a distant family member. UofT is really strict about family friends/family being references. Should I avoid using this reference even though they are no where near being an immediate family member? Thanks!
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