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  1. oh god THANK YOU for saying it. This thread has gone SO FAR beyond what the question was started to ask.
  2. I think they would only waive that fee if there's something in it for them, i.e. an LOC and a fat profit in the long run for them. I've heard of people who signed a LOC with Scotia and managed to negotiate to get the Momentum Visa Infinite instead (I don't know any personally though...) But would love to hear if anyone has had any luck though.
  3. Lowkey jelly of you since we're not allowed to anything here in Ottawa lol. That said, I think preclerks are not really expected to do or know much at all since we're not really evaluated for anything. But would be good to be keen and interested + find out about their specialties to see if it's a good fit for you (like ask about stuff that you may not be observing but may be relevant :D)
  4. 25 years of age is the important threshold of insurance cost. But yea, I've had OMA give me the cheapest quote as well.
  5. Pretty sure when you're signing up for one, you have to declare your other loans. So if you have a whopping 350k LOC, it'll be pretty hard for another one to be opened. With that said, you can always simultaneously register, but idk what might come up on your credit report and if the other bank's check will also show up on the report
  6. Not to distract from the grievously serious topic of sexual assault, but decreasing gray matter is not yet a validated assessment of "negative" effects on the brain. In fact, even caffeine has been shown to transiently reduce gray matter mass (https://academic.oup.com/cercor/article-abstract/31/6/3096/6135013?redirectedFrom=fulltext). But yea, I don't agree that alcohol should play a role in excusing or alleviating guilt in someone who committed sexual assault either.
  7. I haven't had a chance to watch her talk in its entirety. Things like these are VERY easy to be taken out of context and misinterpreted in damaging ways. She did insist that what she said was hyperbole in order to evoke emotions and spark real conversations instead of the saccharine and sterilized way highly political topics are traditionally discussed in professional spheres. So I'd give her that and until we see the whole speech with its context considered, I will stop short of criticizing her for allegedly instilling hate and provoking violence. But I'm also of the belief that peo
  8. maybe it's OP's way to celebrate getting in and "relax" I know a few people like that haha.
  9. sure. a pharm prof we had in the beginning of the year actually told us it'll be great if you could just learn and master 1 drug/day throughout med school. if you're game you can defs do that.
  10. did they tell you why? But yea going with the big banks may be better since they have a specialized system just for professional programs.
  11. Highly doubt it but that would be an interesting study to do they're both equivalent to primary care docs and not as extensively trained as internists or pediatricians here. If anything, the poor funding structure and pay disparity might even affect care negatively.
  12. 100% agree with this haha. I'm honestly shocked at how chilled med at Ottawa has been compared to undergrad
  13. You can defs match to French Canada (i.e. Quebec) for residency for sure! People match all over the country for CaRMS. As well, you don't need to become staff where you do your residency either. The vast majority of docs are community physicians and they just go where they want/see themselves living and raising a family. All that to say you can travel around in between each stage of training.
  14. allegedly no. it's been observed up to the minute only. once you get to the seconds, the trend doesn't stay consistent
  15. historically, it's been said that it's GPA & interview. But the interview scores (theoretically, 1-4) vary a lot more than GPA (3.85-4) so it worked out that interview score matters a lot more than GPA does.
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