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  1. 100% agree with this haha. I'm honestly shocked at how chilled med at Ottawa has been compared to undergrad
  2. You can defs match to French Canada (i.e. Quebec) for residency for sure! People match all over the country for CaRMS. As well, you don't need to become staff where you do your residency either. The vast majority of docs are community physicians and they just go where they want/see themselves living and raising a family. All that to say you can travel around in between each stage of training.
  3. allegedly no. it's been observed up to the minute only. once you get to the seconds, the trend doesn't stay consistent
  4. historically, it's been said that it's GPA & interview. But the interview scores (theoretically, 1-4) vary a lot more than GPA (3.85-4) so it worked out that interview score matters a lot more than GPA does.
  5. that I'm not sure of. Only a few people on the forum last year got it before the 2 weeks were over.
  6. haha yea I did. it was crazy early how Ottawa did it last year too. I got my offer just 2 days after the D-day.
  7. timestamps. People are largely grouped into different timestamps based on their interview performance. So multiple people can have a 9:02 timestamp. Then within that group, the higher GPA takes priority.
  8. hey! I was on it last year. If you have a high GPA and your timestamp is within 5-10 minutes with the earliest timestamp, your chances are pretty good. uO usually has quite good waitlist movement. If you don't hear back by late July, then it might be good to mentally move on as waitlist movements then would be quite minimal.
  9. a bunch of interviewees randomly saw the "Send Response" button on their OMSAS portal the day before the D-day, which usually wouldn't appear until you actually have offer(s) to respond to. This was obviously before any offers were made available on OMSAS. This appeared to be school-specific as people who interviewed at Ottawa only didn't have any buttons regardless of their outcome, while at Mac it seemed to be associated with lower stats and eventual rejection/waitlist (but then again they lotterized *most* of their class last year so who knows). At other schools like UofT, Queen's
  10. I have a few friends who are international students who did med school in Australia (non-Canadians). They did end up getting into an internship, although most are in more rural areas, and then they're eligible to apply for Australian permanent residency. Once you're PR, getting into training programs and specialization is pretty comparable to Australians.
  11. I'm not sure where you get the 250-300 numbers from. But if you checked the waitlist thread from last year, roughly 50% of the good waitlist applicants who posted did end up getting accepted. There's no way to know how many "good waitlist" they send out in total though.
  12. Oh sorry! My quick math in my head defs didn't work out so well :DD I supposed you can do 4 or more credits during the summer and then the courses in the summer + your 4th year would count for Ottawa.
  13. Just to be mindful, their Anglophone OOP cut-off usually hovers around 3.87 (I'm not sure if their recent shift to cGPA has changed this cut-off, but the interview thread doesn't appear to show that). 3.7 is their cut-off for the French IP and CNFS streams. Your 4th year is not likely to count (if 30 credit is a full course load), since their policy requires a minimum equivalent of 80% full course load: "A full-time academic year where the equivalent of four (4) courses per semester is taken is accepted and counted in the cGPA calculation only if the missing course/unit is completed
  14. Schools generally do not care. But do bear in mind a few things: - Schools generally frown upon online or distance learning courses. Some don't even consider the grades from these at all. So if not for COVID, don't do those courses or degrees. - You can but should limit the number of 1st and 2nd year courses in your second undergrad. UWO has a strict requirement that 60% of your course load must be 3rd year level or higher (as a second undergrad applicant). Most other schools don't have these strict requirements, but if you're mostly doing 1st and 2nd year course, they will view that
  15. I agree with your post and don't get where the hostility from the other poster is coming from. I got friends who go to both schools and they found UofT dental facilities to be a fair bit older compared to UWO, which has much nicer hardware. UofT also appears to not have great support for students.
  16. So happy to see this, my friend!!!! You more than deserve this!! Now go crush that interview!!!!
  17. Do you happen to really enjoy surgery? would you consider doing a 6-year OMFS? It's incredibly competitive and rigorous for sure but you'll be progressing in your career, earning resident money, and making great use of your dentistry credential and knowledge. At the end you'll be an MD DDS surgeon with a strong medical background. You'll definitely be managing high-acuity cases. If you went into medicine now, or even did a second undergrad, it would take you longer than 6 years to even certify as a FM doctor, not to mention effectively putting your DDS and your years of effort to waste.
  18. Oh wow I've been following him for some time too. Surprised but also not surprised with his decision Impressed with his insights and courage too!
  19. I only got 1 interview invite during my cycle and got in! One shot is all you need!! Congrats and good luck!!
  20. I don't want to jinx it. but this may be a good sign. This very same thing happened last year.... Good luck!
  21. I know the interview will be held online this year. I'll try to tell you as much as I can without violating the NDA. As for question styles, normally, it'll be an open-file (they have a summary of your ABS) panel interview with usually 3 interviewers (including 4th year med student). Question styles are a mix of classic interview questions (just google them and practice :)) and MMI-style questions. There may be an acting scenario or two (they'll tell you this in their interview letter), but idk if they're still doing that given the online format this year. A lot of people h
  22. Well when you consider the rates at Ontarian schools (10-15%), I'd say 30% is pretty good too. After all, above a certain point, isn't med admission based a lot on luck too?
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