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  1. I had to choose between Western and McGill this year and it was tough deciding, but at the end of the day choose the program that is in line with your values. For me personally that was McGill. You may not have a choice of programs, I know of people who didn't even get interviews at Western or Toronto but were accepted at McGill. If you have the choice between programs, weigh your pros and cons, and choose the one that is fits best with your values. If you value the lower tuition then it's a no brainer. But others may prioritize living close to family over other factors (ex. I know some
  2. Not sure if anyone noticed this, but McGill updated their DAT requirements on their website: https://www.mcgill.ca/dentistry/4-year-dmd-program/requirements Seems they changed the Manual Dexterity from 6 down to 5. Does anyone know if a MDT score of 5/30 was accepted this current cycle, or does this start only for the next year?
  3. I'm so nervous for tomorrow, but can't wait to meet everyone! Good luck for the interview!
  4. My advice would be to focus less on the factors of your application that you cannot control because it will just make you anxious. Focus on the interview which you do have control over. Good luck!
  5. Target date for interview invitations is approaching so I thought I'd start this thread IP / OOP / International Result: Invite / Reject / Waitlist for Interview cGPA: ECs: Year: UG (what year), Masters, PhD
  6. I would include them if they took up a significant amount of time in your schedule. It definitely says something about you if, for example, you’re juggling between work and ECs while in school. Western seems to have a more holistic assessment, so I would say it’s a positive thing on your application, even if it isn’t directly relevant to medicine and dentistry. Good luck!
  7. Yeah but that's not what OP was asking. For schools which don't need the MDT your score on that section shouldn't affect your chance at interviews. For schools that need the MDT obviously you want to do well on that section.
  8. RC 20/AA 21/PAT 18 For my first time writing the DAT, and considering I thought I would get <15 on RC and PAT when I walked out of the exam, I'm happy with my scores. Posting my scores In case anyone is feeling discouraged looking at the incredible scores some students have.
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